What was yOur first ever jDorama?

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Post by asiangirldee » Mar 18th, '07, 17:34

gokusen II when it was airing in the L.A. region

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shui chan
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Post by shui chan » Mar 19th, '07, 16:43

Hana yori dango - Season 1~
It was a great way to start with my drama love <3
Since then I hold my hands up to the sky, open them wide,
like I can always see the memories with you-
the Love Story marches on.

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Post by IndieRockerette » Mar 19th, '07, 16:50

Hana Yori Dango 1 and I've been in love with jdoramas ever since :wub: . Then when I discovered Yamapi.. it's now an addiction :lol . Can't wait for Proposal Daisakusen :cheers: !!

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Post by Corona » Mar 19th, '07, 23:26

Mine was Strawberry on the shortcake, I wasn't really impressed though. A year later after I watched Kimi wa Petto I certainly was :D

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Post by MizTsukuura » Mar 20th, '07, 08:57

ummmmm..... mine was "Tokyo Love Story". it was when i still 3rd grade or sumthing. i forgot who's the actor/actresses. but the girl is the woman who played in "Anchor Woman". since then, i love any doramas! hehe... :thumright:

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Post by Mr_Kyoling » Mar 20th, '07, 09:10

Ikebukuro West Gate Park.
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Post by MizTsukuura » Mar 20th, '07, 09:31

owh,,, i juz remember the girl i meant! :P it was Suzuki Honami who played in Tokyo Love Story. it was a good story though..


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Post by kawaiiceres » Mar 23rd, '07, 05:11

rissou no kekkon .. for the very reason that it was the first jseries I saw on cable tv .. and the rest was history ..

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Post by releanoyed » Mar 23rd, '07, 05:25

Downloading Anime fansubs lead me across Densha Otoko which lead me here to d-addicts qhich lead to a couple of dozen shows since. Trick is probably out all time favorite.

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Post by Jokester » Mar 23rd, '07, 05:39

My first j drama was one i can no longer remember as I saw it in the 90's while stationed in okinawa with my wife whos japanese but the first one she nad i really watched together and enjoyed was bus stop then my second favorite is ai no uta and then hana yori dango 1

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Post by nallan » Mar 23rd, '07, 05:45

mine was 1 litre of tears =D
after that i instantly went to find MORE TO DOWNLOAD =D

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Post by lailoken » Mar 25th, '07, 23:58

TnU and 1LOT

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Post by T-chan » Mar 26th, '07, 18:38

My first was actually Stand Up! Which I downloaded on a whim. It's not the best, but it was funny to see it! Seeing was made me find Hana Yori Dango, which was my second drama and one I love oh-so-much.

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Post by TheBodyGuard » Mar 26th, '07, 18:49

GTO, gret teacher onizuka

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Post by Sou » Mar 26th, '07, 18:59

Densha Otoko, Stand Up!! and Hana Hori Dango 1. I got on the Drama train a little late, but since then, I've watched a few older shows and tend to keep up with a lot of the newer shows, the good ones anyway.

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Post by [sweet.surrender] » Mar 26th, '07, 19:22

my first j drama was hana yori dango
ii was hooked from the first episode
but my favorite j drama is probably between
nobuta wo produce and long love letter
13eyond your Imagination.....

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Post by muki-chan » Mar 26th, '07, 19:22

my first dorama was Hana Yori Dango 1st season... omg... Thanks God I could watch this drama.. and I got a mood to look for other dramas... :)
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Post by aj2005uk » Mar 26th, '07, 20:23

I've followed the trend here :D (First J-Drama: Hana Yori Dango 1st Series)

Hana Yori Dango is just awesome... I love both series.

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Post by sam-me » Mar 26th, '07, 20:38

My first drama was Hana Yori Dango!!!
I watched the whole series on my 17th birthday.
I went over my cousins place to do something w/ her,
when she told me to watch one episode before we left.
I really didn't want to at first but after that first episode,
I couldn't stop watching until I was done!!! After that, I fell in
Now, Im the biggest ARASHI fan and started exploring
the different types of dramas!!
My favorite ARASHI member now is NINO
becasue of my second drama AND my favorite drama STAND UP!!!!
I think most pplz first drama is Hana Yori Dango! It certainly looks like it!! :wub:

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Post by belcap » Mar 26th, '07, 20:48

My first Japanese drama was Hana Yori Dango.. Funny thing was I thought I was downloading the anime. I had no clue about the story so when I watched the first ep I just wanted to watch more.

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Post by notimeforfairytales » Mar 26th, '07, 22:01

My first drama was Hana Yori Dango as well! It seems I wasn't the only one that got hooked after watching that one! I had seen the anime and read the manga, so when I heard there was a live action I just had to check it out. And I totally loved it! When it ended I kept craving more and more.. and then it was done! I was addicted!
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Post by hyd4ever » Mar 27th, '07, 02:31

My first Jdorama is Heaven's coin :D (although I watched before that the TV Serie "Oshin" with my family long ago but don't have much memory about it).
Heaven's coin is damn good, but the end of its 2nd season was so sad. Unfair !!!

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Post by Jennehh__x » Mar 30th, '07, 01:48

My first JDrama was I think 1 Litre of Tears. I think about everyone watched it ? x] Such great drama, ne ?

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Post by Superkyle » Mar 30th, '07, 01:59

here in the US they aired Gokusen but i only watched 2 episodes, then Hana Yori Dango at the end of 2006 and luckily i found HYD2 on youtube the day after it aired... weird but dope... now im on Nobuta Wo Produce and Kurosagi... id like to watch more...

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Post by mikomi » Mar 30th, '07, 23:50

puti_chan wrote:My first watched j-dorama was OSHIN!! Hahaha... i bet i'm not the only one who watched this as the first japanese drama :).
And then i started watching tokyo love story, ordinary people, under the same roof, and long vacation. That was my very first interest to Japanese Dorama :wub: :wub: :wub:

Currently i watched nodame cantabille (so funny!!) and next would be itsumo futari de (anyone could give me synopsis about this drama?)
Haha, you're not the only one. You must live in some Southeast Asian countries, I guess? Anyways, the 1st ever Jdrama I watched was Oshin too, lol. Nonetheless, it was an amazing drama. I remember that our family used to gather together and watched the episodes whenever it was on and we discussed it along the way. The drama had also created a phenomenon in Vn back then that the term "Oshin" was coined into the Vietnamese slang and now it's used and known by everyone. It was such good time.
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Post by TRaven » Mar 31st, '07, 01:19

GTO for me.
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Post by YeeKrfan » Mar 31st, '07, 07:23

mikomi wrote:
puti_chan wrote:My first watched j-dorama was OSHIN!! Hahaha... i bet i'm not the only one who watched this as the first japanese drama :).
And then i started watching tokyo love story, ordinary people, under the same roof, and long vacation. That was my very first interest to Japanese Dorama :wub: :wub: :wub:

Currently i watched nodame cantabille (so funny!!) and next would be itsumo futari de (anyone could give me synopsis about this drama?)
Haha, you're not the only one. You must live in some Southeast Asian countries, I guess? Anyways, the 1st ever Jdrama I watched was Oshin too, lol. Nonetheless, it was an amazing drama. I remember that our family used to gather together and watched the episodes whenever it was on and we discussed it along the way. The drama had also created a phenomenon in Vn back then that the term "Oshin" was coined into the Vietnamese slang and now it's used and known by everyone. It was such good time.

Yeah...same here mine was Oshin too..but don't remembered much about the story now tho. Really started on the JDrama with Beautiful Life in 2001 and ever since then loved all Kimutaku dramas and others as well.

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Post by Ore.Sama » Mar 31st, '07, 07:47

TRaven wrote:GTO for me.
ya me too ^^. i think i finished the whole drama in two days...

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Post by yanaliao » Apr 16th, '07, 09:00

My first drama is LONG VACATION~ It's been my favorite that's why I'm starting to collect all Kimutaku's series :P

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Post by strawberrynkiwi » Apr 16th, '07, 14:24

wow so many new jdorama watchers. good job for hana yori dango and 1 litre of tears.

my first jdorama.. was To Heart. obviously i wasn't too crazy bout it. then after hyd, i went crazy =)

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Post by twinklesstars » Apr 16th, '07, 14:36

My first JDorama was Beautiful Life.

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Post by KawaiiD » Apr 17th, '07, 13:27

my first dorama was 14Sai No Haha still love it =]
Most Loved Doramas : 1Litres of tears , It started with a kiss , Hana Kimi , Proposal Daisakusen and any up coming good drama''s

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Post by Miseko » Apr 17th, '07, 13:40

Mine was ofcourse with Kame! can't forget him! :cry: it was Gokusen
DAAANG....HE'S SUCH A PRETTY!!!!!! :wub:
before i watched many j dramas but i liked it so much dat i forgot the rest because of Kame and Jin.

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Post by avexdevil » Apr 17th, '07, 14:42

for me it was god please give me more time with kyoko fukada

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Post by Arnovial » Apr 17th, '07, 15:03

My first drama was Beautiful Life with Kimura Takuya! I was hooked ever since.

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Post by cebusnacker » Apr 20th, '07, 06:57

hmmm lol wow that was sooo long ago i like cant really remember but i started keeping a record of the dramas i've watched and watching so i can keep track so my first ever dorama was hanadan first season it seems wow hahahaha :lol :lol: gawd soo long ago :P good times!!

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Post by prox » Apr 20th, '07, 19:57

my first drama was GTO ( after watching anime )

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Post by a2a » Apr 20th, '07, 20:08

Actually my first J-drama was also GTO and I watched it out of curiosity! I liked it a lot but I never thought I could get that hooked on J-dramas until I watched Densha Otoko and HYD! Ever since then J-dramas are my no1 love! (ok maybe they are second only to my obsession with Arashi ^^)

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Post by kaoru_ » Apr 21st, '07, 01:54

Hi I'm kaoru and im kinda noob at this
my first jap drama was one litre of tears and after i watched it i fell in love with ryo and NewS:wub: [/code]

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Post by matsujun06 » Apr 21st, '07, 02:18

hmmm...as far as i can remember, my first ever movie was Gokusen :wub: . This is where I have been strongly influenced with Jun and continued with Kimi waPetto and Hana Yori Dango. :D

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jin's Butterfly
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Post by jin's Butterfly » Apr 21st, '07, 15:48

my first jdorama Hana Yori Dango ..

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Post by princess_rui » Apr 22nd, '07, 15:32

Gokusen... since then I got interested with jdoramas

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Post by PauliNHo__ » Apr 23rd, '07, 04:16

My first was GTO, my friend gave to me :P! i like very much and saw the anime :P and began downloads dramas :P!
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Post by DJhozy » Apr 23rd, '07, 04:28

long vacation. one of the best drama i've seen.

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Post by yakuruto_kun » Apr 23rd, '07, 07:54

Well, my first contact with japanese drama was an episode of Food Fight I watched with my homestay family in Japan back on 2000. A few years after that, one of my old roommates came home one day with some Beautiful Life episodes, it was love at first sight... Tokiwa Takako's beauty and Kimura Takuya's acting, both of them did an excelent job. Because of that I count Beautiful Life as my first drama because it was the first complete series I watched.

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Post by nanafarhanna » Apr 25th, '07, 10:54

my very first jdrama was Beach Boys..

i dunno whether anyone could ever remember, bcos it was a long time ago... in 1999 i guess.. cant really remember, it was the first jdrama shown in Malaysia.. i guessed... :roll

takashi sorimachi n takenouchi yutaka were in it if i'm not mistaken..

i love em since then..takenouchi yutaka was the first japanese actor that i loved..

but now, i'm totally obsessed with kamenashi kazuya and akanishi jin..

they're soo.. kakkoi+kawaiiiiii~ :P :wub:

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Post by melliemelll » Apr 28th, '07, 14:47

mine was gokusen because they aired it here in the phiLs. Last year.

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Post by kunornadia » Apr 30th, '07, 11:04

I think it was Sweet Season starring Matsushima Nanako.

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Post by Linh[hyd=3] » Apr 30th, '07, 12:44

it was Hana yori dango, if my memories are good.

pr Gokusen maybe =P

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Post by biniBningPunkista » Apr 30th, '07, 12:55

mine would be gokusen 1!

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Post by xianne » Apr 30th, '07, 13:00

Mine is Gokusen...after which I watched Hana Yori Dango :wub:

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Post by shosef » Apr 30th, '07, 13:03

my first jdorama was Pride...i got curious about Takuya Kimura cuz i read in so many articles that he's great and also the fact that i have a crush on him...love the story and i found out that Takuya is really a good actor.... :D :D

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Post by Lucysweets » May 1st, '07, 02:28

My first ever Japanese drama is Love Generation with Kimura ! Nice story... but slightly predictable probably!

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Post by divab » May 1st, '07, 02:34

mine was kimi wa petto, because i was reading the manga at the same time!!! ;-)

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Post by wi2en » May 3rd, '07, 07:54

my first dorama was Tokyo Love Story (very ancient) :lol

anyway, i'm a newbie :D
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Post by yasumi14 » May 3rd, '07, 08:24

:wub: HaNa YoRi DanGo ANd GoKUsEn :-) :-)
tiLL then i gOt HooKeD oN JTV sERiEs.... :cheers:

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Post by Demz » May 3rd, '07, 08:34

Densha Otoko was my first dorama. It was like anime, but more fluent and funnier. GTO was the one that got me really hooked. GTO's opening was just marvelous.

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Post by tracycutie » May 3rd, '07, 08:38

kamisama mou sukoshi dake with kyoko fukada and takeshi kaneshiro back in 2002 i think...
it was a sad one but i loved it. takeshi and kyoko had mad chemistry and both so good looking.

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My First JDrama

Post by ayekachan06 » May 3rd, '07, 08:44

Mine was Crying out Love in the center of the world. One of the best dama's I have ever seen but very very sad. I couldnt stop crying at the end

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Post by b.aka » May 4th, '07, 07:17

I started with Gokusen 1


Post by Neptune222 » May 4th, '07, 23:25

Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2

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Post by GoddessCarlie » May 5th, '07, 12:56

For me it was Densha Otoko (電車男). It wasn't really the tv show that got me hooked, but the first special. OMG, that special made sitting through the over-the-top acting from Densha, and the underacting-stone-face from Hermes all worth it. It was soooo funny.

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Post by dmaechan » May 5th, '07, 13:21

mine was Gokusen... i instantly fell in love with Sawada Shin aka MatsuJun! ^-^

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Post by brixtan » May 5th, '07, 13:46

mine was hana yori dango

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Post by vilma42 » May 5th, '07, 14:15

1 Litre of Tears & Pride

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Hanazawa Rui
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Post by Hanazawa Rui » May 5th, '07, 14:47

THEN HANA YORI DANGO.................................................................................

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Post by tonks » May 23rd, '07, 17:08

like most of you, for me it's Hana Yori Dango.

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Post by vanjuve » May 23rd, '07, 17:23

mine... hmmm~ GTO, i was just in love with the OP, the watched a bit of Beautiful Life and got hooked with Takuya... who wouldn't.
then HanaDan and Gokusen later on.
HYD was the best by far.

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Post by gelli93 » May 25th, '07, 02:10

My first jdrama was Hana Yori Dango....my cousin recommended me to watch it...
at first I thought it would be boring but...surprise! surprise!...it's so nice...well, not nice but great!!...I got hooked to jdramas ever since... :-)
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Post by Ryokumi » May 25th, '07, 03:23

in order: my boss my hero, kurosagi, attention please, hana yori dango 1&2, tatta hitotsu no koi, nobuta wo produce and dance drill .... all in a span of one month hahaha (joys of having summer break ^_^)

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Post by msjj_16 » May 25th, '07, 03:26

gokusen... because of matsujun... and he's the reason why i got hooked watching jdorama... but i only watch those drama where he is in...

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Post by SmiLeeGirl » May 25th, '07, 03:30

1) Refrain aka Meguri Ai almost 10 years ago ACK --- I still have it ... ON TAPE ... heehee
2) The Housekeeper
3 To Heart

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Post by kozumifan » May 25th, '07, 03:32

now idk if pretty guard sailor moon was a jdrama but that was the first i saw and then GOKUSEN!!! the first one of course 8)
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Post by sorairo » May 25th, '07, 03:32

It was an old drama called "Oshin".

Sam Chin
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Post by Sam Chin » May 25th, '07, 14:16

mine would be 'Unforbidden Love" by takky....
since then i hooked on jdrama and hideaki of course..

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