Name your HOBBIES :)

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Nov 28th, '05, 06:25

Ohh, I wanna watch Kyou Kara Maou. My friend really likes it. I haven't seen it in stores yet though :cry:

Tsubasa Chronicle was pretty good although I lost interest while reading the manga. Paradise Kiss has an anime? Serious? o_O I haven't heard of that.

Serious? Vandread? ^^;; Oh, then don't think I will be watching it EVEN if my cousin got me the first and second season. Sounds like Tenshi or Love Hina. Granted the latter is funny but not something I would watch. *grimaces*

The last anime I loaded was AIR. the plot is complicated but the graphics blows you away. Melody of Olibivon is good too, has anyone seen it?

Hmm, i need new anime to watch...XD three months..what am I going to do with 3 months?

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Post by jyrds » Nov 28th, '05, 09:36

Umm...what genre do you usually like? Then I can give a few names.

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Nov 28th, '05, 12:55


um um lets see. I guess the usual, say romance, action, thrill and stuff. I like drama related ones also.

It doesn't have to be romantic, as long as it has a good story line and good graphics then I'm happy. Vampire Hunter D was :wub:

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Post by jyrds » Nov 28th, '05, 14:10

The new production by GONZO - "Black Cat" looks pretty good. Action+some mystery.
"Karin" is a new romance anime based around school life.
"Noein" is a scifi romance. Im getting it for the scifi part, but it seems to be an ok series.
"KARAS" is a new fantasy series. Ive got 1 ep so far. No more bandwidth for more.
"Shakugan no Shana" is a good action series.
"Glass Mask" is a drama series. I dont know much else about it.
"Suzuka" a slightly ecchi romance.
"Mushishi" is a bit werid for me. My friends like it tho, so i might as well mention it here.

ALOT more anime that is coming out and not on the list. :D

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Post by hmm_yeh » Nov 29th, '05, 00:27

I'd say waiting for SARS to release the rest of HYD .. hmm.. that's mainly my hobby right now along with collecting dramas to watch .. What a relaxing life huh!? ahaha

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Post by xKiMix » Nov 29th, '05, 00:45

hmm_yeh wrote:I'd say waiting for SARS to release the rest of HYD .. hmm.. that's mainly my hobby right now along with collecting dramas to watch .. What a relaxing life huh!? ahaha
:lol That also became one of my hobbies!!! Every FRIDAY!! Also another hobby is waiting for A love to kill releases, as well as downloading other dramas and watching them. I also have a bad hobby of Procrastinating in homework, and cutting class just because i know i'm getting an A :| i think i should really stop...and did i say downloading drama??

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Nov 29th, '05, 10:11


I haven't heard of them, but they seem pretty good.

ecchi? :blink wonder what that is...

thankies for suggestions. *bounces off to check them out*

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Post by K.T.Tran » Nov 29th, '05, 10:16

surrealistic-destiny wrote: ecchi? :blink wonder what that is...
Ecchi means perverted, sexual<---i think.....another word that is practically the same as Ero, Hentai, Sukebe.....all dealing with perverted things.

Correct if I'm wrong here Mina san

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Nov 29th, '05, 10:31

K.T.Tran wrote:
surrealistic-destiny wrote: ecchi? :blink wonder what that is...
Ecchi means perverted, sexual<---i think.....another word that is practically the same as Ero, Hentai, Sukebe.....all dealing with perverted things.

Correct if I'm wrong here Mina san
ahhhh....*nods with understanding* Thankies for reply.

^^;; well its better then shota I guess, right? *laughs weakly*

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Post by AsianFreak » Nov 29th, '05, 21:12

My hobbies are

Watching Asian Dramas and Anime

Playing DDR=Dance Dance Revolution, Fighting games, and going to tournaments.

Go Karaoke with my brothers,cousins and friends.

Go to Asian Conventions such Anime and others.

Listening Jpop and Kpop.

and hangout at Starbucks with my friends. lol

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Post by pe3kabo0 » Dec 7th, '05, 21:39

kdrama, cdrama, music, forums!

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Post by lilpiggi3 » Dec 24th, '05, 06:19

Knitting (haha i feel like an old granny), sleeping, cooking/baking, and of course watching kdrama/hkdramas

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Post by lazybum » Dec 24th, '05, 06:23

eating!!! trying new foods. it's awesome.

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Post by kotaeshiranaihito » Dec 24th, '05, 07:45

working out
working at my job
sleeping (I consider this my hobbie)
going to coffee houses
some drama (any not just jdrama)
languages (know 3 and studying a 4th)
pool (I believe it's called billiards in other countries) - anyone wanna play me for money, just letting you know I'm not good at all, nope can't play to save my life, so bet lots and lots of money with me :whistling:

getting ready for the business world

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Post by ToriQ » Dec 24th, '05, 09:44

Just to mention a few in no particualr order... tennis, badminton, swimming, Japanese language, football, beach volleyball, the news, reading...

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Post by *Lifo* » Dec 24th, '05, 17:54

Movies, asian dramas and last but not least COMPUTERS AND INTERNET!

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Post by cees » Dec 25th, '05, 10:37

watching TV
and u can say sleeping as well

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Post by skachild » Dec 26th, '05, 12:13

my hobbies is playing computer game or internet, basketball, futsal and modified my car( Daihatsu Charade old skool style hehe....)


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Post by SHIN-RA » Dec 26th, '05, 16:04

practicing martial arts, meditating, reading, thinking, and sometimes seeking some entertainments (drama and movies included :lol )

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Post by bwena87 » Dec 26th, '05, 17:18

does sleeping count as a hobby?! :lol

my other hobby is msnin!!! :D all i do is sit on my ass and chat msn :lol

CuTiE 100%
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Post by CuTiE 100% » Dec 26th, '05, 17:23

my hobbies are :
watching tv
watching asian dramas
putting on makeup

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Post by cloud777x » Dec 27th, '05, 15:33

import cars,
sports of all kinds,
lovely scenery provided by nature,
watching love movies :cry:
play games,
eating +++++ :wub:
music which is the best in the world, witout it .. we would be _________

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Post by Spike23 » Dec 27th, '05, 15:46

watching movies
building models


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Post by Super_Nerd » Jan 2nd, '06, 09:22

i have lots of hobbies they change as seasonz change but my ( stable ) hobbies are:

****skating****** *****swimming****** *****TRAVELING******** and last but not least ***EaTiNG******

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Post by pinkapple » Jan 3rd, '06, 07:27

asian dramas, shopping, going beach ! drawing in my spare time,

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Post by Azngurl_meiying2006 » Mar 9th, '06, 05:54

hmmm,CHinese Drama,Korean Drama,anime,manga,and every culture of music except INdian and THai. :| I like my coumputer a lot and like to make new friendz. :wub: :-)

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Post by remoted » Mar 9th, '06, 06:01

Filipno And Kdrama
Track and Field
Cross Country
Read at Barnes and Nobles

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Post by DJ_Chopstix » Mar 9th, '06, 16:28

hmmm djing =] and shopping...and play maple story...gunbound...ps2 games..and and reading mangas...and watching dramas..and so many x3

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Post by lirarn » Mar 9th, '06, 16:44

Martial arts (Modern Wu Shu and Karate) and music (I play the guitar)

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Post by matchingsocks » Mar 10th, '06, 19:48

asian dramas <3
soccer! - a nd other sports
messing around with my brother skateboard :P
playing instruments - guitar and keyboard
watching movies
comic books

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Post by jholic » Mar 11th, '06, 04:49

besides working out, d-addicts is pretty much my only hobby. :crazy:
bwena87 wrote:does sleeping count as a hobby?! :lol
is it a hobby for you? heck, it's a part-time JOB for me! (i'm kidding, i actually need to sleep more...)

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Post by blackstarjr » Mar 15th, '06, 04:11

Well let's hobbies..well got a few.Here they are

-Watching Anime/(J/K Dorama)/Movies
-Playing PS2
-Modding my computer
-Collecting Coins/comic books
-Learning new languages
-Cycling,swimming,basketball,badminton,volleyball,soccer..(well almost anything if i find it fun)
-Checking out girls and rating them in my mind whenever I see an attractive
-Collecting dvd box set of shows..well most anything involving supernatural eg.Buffy/Angel/Smallville etc etc

well that's all

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Post by Yukiko_Chan » Mar 15th, '06, 18:44

Umm..okay. I'm just a new member so please forgive me if I say something the wrong way..or if I sound dumb..well, my hobbies are:
Listening to music, writing, reading mangas,novels--> Just anything that interests me, Watching Anime ^o^--> I LOVE NARUTO!!..hehe..umm, I also watch dramas,, practicing my skills of a photographer(Just picking up my camera and randomly shooting photos of people, places, just anything that looks appealing..naw..I aint that mean ^_^) Hmm, I also swim, sing(So I can get better and show off to my friends heeheehee ^o^)--> Making scrapbooks...Yup! That's about it..I think..

pRincEton giRL
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Post by pRincEton giRL » Mar 16th, '06, 00:03

Yukiko_Chan you're making scrapbooks? woow i like that :thumleft: i just did mine. i made my album last 2004.. it contains pictures from the day of my birth until my graduation in college.. with colorful designs and descriptions.. but am not too good in doing it. hmmp. you ddnt sound dumb in any way. hey!! c'mon. get thru with it buddy! :wink:

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Post by SlightlyTempted » Mar 16th, '06, 00:08

Love readingggggggggg, listening to music.........especially international not just typical American kind....and of course most definitely am soooooooo obsessed with Asian dramas ie kdramas, jdramas, tdramas....oh yeah how could I forget i love anime/ yeah thats my hobbies lol......

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Post by sylpha » Mar 20th, '06, 20:57

^-^ ....hmm hobbies eh?... my obsessions are mangas/manwhas (reading,writing,collecting,drawing it myself) , asian drama series (uhh surprise...) and martial arts (i stopped practicing though) 3 guinea pigs and my big pig (my fiancee)...i luv reading books...surfing on the web...i luv music...and art (yeah i can draw stuff besides comics too)...since i drink tea all the time ....would that count as a hobby too?

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Post by PopGilligan » Mar 20th, '06, 22:19

Tea counts only if you collect it like stamps, or something. I do the same with various kinds of chai teas...mmm....

My other hobbies are...learning new languages (er, more specifically new kanji), practicing serrada (Phillipino martial art), writing, playing music, does arguing count? I could call it "debate."

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Post by knark52nd » Mar 23rd, '06, 20:59

shopping for cool stuff
aggressive inline (though at 23, i'm not what i used to be).
making songs on reason 2.0
eating out. definitely a biggie in san francisco.

oh yea, subbing stuff.

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Post by Bamyi » Mar 23rd, '06, 23:07

1. Guns
2. Sports (Football, baseball, racket ball, basket ball, anything that involves beating others)
3. Sports Cars (racing and modifing)
4. Food
5. Females (no fat chicks)

-Bamyi (not fat, just perfect)

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Post by sejabin » Mar 23rd, '06, 23:27


Reading - (mostly Harry Potter and Harry Potter related stuff.)
Harry Potter
Learning new languages (Currently learning French)
Crochet (will learn how to knit soon)
TV (Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Sex & the City)
Talking (about anything and everything)
Being Random
Driving around not knowing where to go (Have stopped doing this due to gas price hike)

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Post by Schala » Mar 24th, '06, 11:18

Dramas (of course)
Anime (sometimes)
Manga (select few)
Internet (AIM, forums, etc.)
Video games (mostly RPGs, Chrono Trigger is my favorite game of all time)
Ragnarok Online (but it's on hiatus right now...)
Music (listening, not playing. I wish I could play an instrument or something...)
Drawing (Once in a blue moon lol)
Oh, and if we are going to count sleeping as a hobby, then definitely sleeping. Heck, I wake up only for the sake of taking a nap later! :lol :P

Yeah. That's pretty much it. I'm pretty boring. :/

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Post by Daisukimaru » Mar 31st, '06, 05:21


when im at home mostly drama

outside- tennis...girls x] x]

box alot dont know if thats really good but it gives you a really good work out =]

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Post by qilver » Apr 6th, '06, 21:32

My hobbies are:

running, learning Japanese language, Japanese dramas, and most other things Japanese. I also like going to the gym to work out, basketball, watching NBA on TV, traveling, meeting new people, and listening to music.

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Post by vietprodigy1124 » Apr 9th, '06, 21:55

going to the gym
listening to music (all around but korean mainly)
meeting new people =)

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Post by yurrie » Apr 29th, '06, 07:12

ehm ...

playin games ... ps , ps2, comp, online
listenin to music ..
havin fun with my friends
all about fun... lol

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Post by 306VieTPrincE » Apr 30th, '06, 08:56

spring - cruising
summer - camping
fall - watching anime reading writing, etc..
winter - snowboarding

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Post by hawa » May 2nd, '06, 12:49

My hobbies are 8) learning j language ..... india :whistling: and j dramas....Camping

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My hobbies

Post by andritytsheva » May 2nd, '06, 13:20

Absolutely Computer Networking and yes everyone here has the same hobby, that's movies films dramas.

Crazy Penguin
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Post by Crazy Penguin » May 2nd, '06, 17:13

History (not just books, but more the going out in the field and dig through old bunkers type), photography, aviation (vintage aircraft mainly), travelling, horseback riding (dressage, I can't jump, my style is horrible, and I barely have time these days anymore), and, most importantly, learning Japanese (and with that everything about Japanese culture, history, etc).

I can't really count movies and dramas as hobbies. I use them more as learning tools, since I'm learning Japanese *whistle*

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Post by bangkok_devious » May 8th, '06, 07:06

Climbing stuff LOL (rocks, trees, mountain trails) one of the best parts of vacations is having people take pictures of me sitting on random objects.
Drawing (trying to master realism---not really working >.<)
Listening to music (Thai, Japanese, and good 'ol US pop)
Picking up random Thai words from my Dad's conversations (I'm too lazy to give myself Thai-studies homework >.<)

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Post by wai_muna » May 8th, '06, 07:39

i like sleeping...:P

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Post by myunus » May 18th, '06, 10:35

rock and ice climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, snowboarding, go karting.. yeah i'm an adrenalin freak.. :P

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Post by Prowler_88 » May 18th, '06, 19:30

Metal (music)...most of my social life revolves around listening to music, being the President of Southampton University's RockSociety.

Playing guitar, at which I am rubbish!

Computer Games

Watching movies and Jdramas


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Post by Genmai_cha » May 18th, '06, 19:49

Eating YUM!
Badminton :unsure: :wub:

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Post by pwner4once » May 26th, '06, 16:21

hm hard question... what kind forum is this?
well i think they are kdrama, cdrama and Jdrama :D :lol :lol

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Post by KoreanMania » May 29th, '06, 10:28

Travelling, watching K-dramas/movies, listening to K-PoPs, eating kimbaps & drinking sojus :lol going to Korean class... oh, and World Cup! rooting for South Corea all the way :cheers: Tae-han-min-guk, hwaiting!!! :cheers:

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Post by irwinc » May 29th, '06, 11:02

Onanibics :whistling:


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Post by redsea » May 29th, '06, 11:26

Well, if only talk about 2 most important hobbies can't live without then mine will be: Sleeping :lol and Reading
In addition: Travelling, Movie, Music and Swiming
Somehow manage to paint sth....^_^

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Post by nikochanr3 » May 31st, '06, 15:25

Schala wrote:Hmm...J-drama (of course!)
Asian horror movies (I just bought The Locker, but I haven't watched it yet. It better be good! Cost me $20! >_< It looks pretty creepy anyway.)
Music (Mostly J-rock)
Anime (Only a select few. Not as into anime as I used to be)
Internet surfing
China Town (There's one not too far away from me, and I enjoy just walking around there. ^^)
Being a dork with my friends (Yes, that IS a hobby! :P)
if you replace J-Rock with J-Pop that would pretty much be my hobbies. Scary.... :P :P

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Post by hazchung » May 31st, '06, 15:33

Watching: ainme, jdrama, kdrama, cdrama, football, tennis, top gear
playing: football, basketball, badminton, video game
reading: manga, star wars, discworld, harry potter

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Post by kikioo » Jun 12th, '06, 19:43


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Post by gougz » Jun 13th, '06, 22:16

football :cheers:

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Post by mimmi » Jun 14th, '06, 17:02

lately, just watching dramas and animes lol....

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Post by korean_foreva » Jun 14th, '06, 17:14

mine r
watchin dramas and animes
hangin wiv me m8s
on da fone
computer stuff...
hi5 <<NOT the baby show
takin picz
showerin loads..haha....dnt b suprised tho..lolz...

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Post by MajidB » Jun 15th, '06, 00:55

I'm not sure if i have posted in this topic a long time ago.. but since I haven't been on D-Addicts for a veeeeeeeeeeeery veeeeeeeeeeery long time, i guess ill post up my hobbies lol..

I was once a martial artist for about a year and a half. I quit it because it didnt do me any good... After that i did Gymnastics for about 2 years (Tumbling)... After a bad injury i quitted it and begun bodybuilding :thumleft:

Ann ^-^
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Post by Ann ^-^ » Oct 8th, '06, 14:37

1) Singing
2) Dancing
3) Reading
4) Drawing
5) Painting

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Post by berserk » Oct 10th, '06, 11:22

Other than watching dramas, I like playing/watching basketball, messing with the guitar and keyboard, and reading manga.

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Post by TIticamara » Oct 10th, '06, 11:39

chess, dramas, surfing and reading.

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Post by Starlightkitty7 » Oct 10th, '06, 14:19

err... drawing, reading, singing, playing sports, videogames. playing on te computer/ surfing the internett, hanging out wiht my little sister, and...listening to music, chores (not that its a hobby but a must >_>)

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Post by homeboi19 » Oct 10th, '06, 14:33

drinking :alcoholic:

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Post by AngelicLayer » Oct 13th, '06, 16:47

There are many things I do in my freetime! Mostly basketball and chatting with friends! Dancing and singing, phoning, shopping, cooking, acting ( Theatre club!) and so on!!! The most of the spare time I meet my friends.

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Post by ChenXiong » Oct 13th, '06, 16:52

Used to be book, then games, and now movies and anime.. hahahaahaha

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Post by Genmai_cha » Oct 13th, '06, 22:11

dragon boat racing...

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Post by PocketKiriyama » Oct 13th, '06, 22:41


Online games
tinkering pc
asian dramas
asian music (mostly jrock)
playing electric guitar
ddr and other dance arcades
tuning cars
street racing

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Post by azn-angelz-demons » Oct 15th, '06, 02:38

listenin' to music [Japanese[mostly] & Korean & Chinese]
playing onlines games and other games
surfin' the net
hangin' out with fwends
and most of all!! : Sleeping _(=_=)_

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