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List of Tutorials / Guides / How To's

Post by MoerkJ » Apr 13th, '06, 18:50

This list contains links to topics that contain either tutorials or links to useful guides.

I've sorted it a little by topic. Please reply to this thread if something should be added or otherwise improved.

D-Addicts related
Video/Torrent/Subtitle FAQ <-- please check this for answers before posting questions
Creating/Uploading Torrents & Making Proper Comments
TORRENT LINKS (Problems and Solutions)
TRACKER (Problems and Solutions)

Downloading / Network related
Tweaking Bittorrent - How To Configure Bittorrent
[Tutorial] Usenet/Newsgroups - How Do I Access & Use It?
The Official Clubbox Thread (Read 1st Post For Help!)

Media encoding/converting/burning related
note: there are more appropriate websites, like and Check out their forums!
[Tutorial] How to convert AVI to standard DVD for TV
[Tutorial] How to Burn w/ Subtitles
[Tutorial] How to convert .OGM files to MPEG (VCD/DVD)
Overscan problem when converting hardsubbed movies

Subtitle / Fansubbing related
How to watch subtitles (softsubs)
[HowTo] Change Font Settings in VobSub for Asian Fonts
[Tutorial] Watching Real Video (RMVB) with Subtitles
[TUTORIAL] Ripping Japanese subtitles from VOB to Soft Subs
How to Rip the Timing and English Subtitles from an AVI file using AVISubDetector
Resources for Fansubbers \(^o^)/ (useful links for fansubbers)

[Tutorial] How to Manually Un-Register Codecs in Windows
[Tutorial] How to install video codecs.
[HowTo] Making a screen capture (Screenshots of a video)
How to identify a file's origin (useful for uploaders)
Creating animated GIF Images/Avatars from Video
How do you download YouTube files?
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Post by yt_toshi » Apr 13th, '06, 18:57

In the Subtitle / Fansubbing related section, here's another tutorial that I'm not sure you want to add:

[Tutorial] How to Convert Excel to SRT Format

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Post by MoerkJ » Apr 13th, '06, 19:12

I may include some of Binky's guides later after checking them out.

Some of them are not really needed or just too weird, IMHO.

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