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[Discussion] Pink no idenji

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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[Discussion] Pink no idenji

Post by jessy_yamaphai » Oct 5th, '05, 17:02


Have some one seen this drama? How about it?
One of member [Lead](boyband) plays in this drama.I would like to see It.I try to find DL every where,but not found :pale:
It broadcasted on tv-tokyo.The first EP. broadcasted aleady in Oct,3.

offical site http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/pink/

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Post by jessy_yamaphai » Oct 8th, '05, 16:28

Noone have seen it. :cry:

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Post by Sarki » Oct 9th, '05, 20:22


I want to watch it too! If I can find it, it's going to be my first J-Dorama, xD I was looking for it because some ending song by some certain artist...But after looking at the website I think I might even like it!

Problem is...I am a total newbie at this and I don't know how to get it...Please...If anyone can Bittorrent it or something... :cry:

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Post by rubychan » Mar 30th, '06, 03:38

Nomanymore's CB usded to have it , you guys can request for reuploading at her blogspot http://nomanymore.blogspot.com/

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Post by auroragb » Mar 30th, '06, 20:20

Well, there is still one seeder here:
http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtop ... bc9798c8f5
btw, cute series! I'm still waitin for tvbt to sub the rest :)

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Post by hereford » Jul 4th, '06, 09:06

i've seen half of it. its really...not that great.
sorry Hiroki, i adore you to death but please stick to dancing and singing XD
there are some cute moments, but alot of his acting is really stiff and corny. its his first drama though.
im sure it cold have been better with better acting.
the drama revoles around hiroki and (i forget the actress name sorry) relationship, but at the same time there are episodes that have small side stories which the two main characters arent in.
episode three (that they arent in) is really cute though. the part with the hearters is hilarious.

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Post by znikaraz » Sep 15th, '07, 09:13

saw this awhile ago and i have to agree with ^^hereford^^, it wasn't that great. the storyline was awful but i guess the main actor/actress were cute enough for you to be distracted from deleting the file >___<

if i remember correctly, there were also some love scenes in it. this might motivate some people to see it :lol

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