Do you feel lonely?

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Are you lonely?

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Do you feel lonely?

Post by J-zavislak » Jun 13th, '14, 23:23

Konnichiwa minasan. Now, I'd like to ask you something private.

Are you lonely? No girlfriend/boyfriend? No wife/husband?
Do you know why?
Do you wish to change this situation? ...

Yes, as you probably guess, I am lonely now... :cry:
Yes, I know why: after some unsuccessful relationship I became concentrated on my work (I love it! It's all about Japanese culture!! :wub: ) ... but time really flies...
Yes, now I wish to change it, but ...

... still, instead I watch Japanese drama ○| ̄|_

What about you?

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Post by antspace » Jun 13th, '14, 23:58

Sometimes I am. J-dorama is a bit of a help there :-)

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Re: Do you feel lonely?

Post by stud1al » Jun 3rd, '22, 02:40

I live on my own and i have always been a bit of a loner .
Now i have a disability (bird fanciers lung) and am on oxygen at home ,so i do not go out much .Never did go out a lot.
i am not really a people person due to being buliied at lot when i was at school .I much prefer animals but i guess i do get lonely sometimes.

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Re: Do you feel lonely?

Post by DanyDrama » Jan 2nd, '24, 02:26

My life was mostly solitary, except for my dog, who kept me company. I moved around a lot for work, sometimes to different countries. Now I have a wife and I am happy. But I still get lonely at times, and watching Japanese Drama helps me cope.

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Re: Do you feel lonely?

Post by Lunaizumi » Jan 6th, '24, 00:23

I feel really lonely and lost.

I lived in Japan for more than one year. I felt really alive when I was in Japan. I enjoyed traveling and learning japanese. Then I came back to my country and convince myself that it's better this way. It's been 10 years and I have regrets. I should have fight for pursuing my dream, and I should have confess my feeling to the japanese man I loved. He came to France to see me but I didn't know he wasn't in couple anymore. There was signs but I thought it was just japanese kindness. Obviously a lake of selfconfidence. Few months later I decided to buy a plane ticket and I came back to Japan to tell him my feelings. I immediatly ask him to hang out and he said yes but he told me that one of our friend comes too. Then they announced that they're engaged...
I didn't do anything but prentending I already knew it. One week later I had to pass the JLPT exam, it was horrible haha but surprisingly I succeed.
At this moment, I planned to stay in Japan and learn japanese to pass the JLPT 2 and find a job. But after the travel I came back home and I was not able to learn japansese anymore because I was so sad remembering what happenned. I never wanted children but with him, I don't know why I was ready to have a family.

6 years since. And I feel empty. I don't have a boyfriend... I'm independant which means that I'm working at home so I don't have daily social interaction, and it's not working as well as I need to live without worries... So I don't know what to do.
And Something has changed in my mind the past two years, I often feel depressed. Before I always had hope ! I don't know if it's because I'll turn 40 this year but... Yes I feel lonely...

Before, watching japanese and Korean dramas helps me a lot. But now it makes me sad. Because I feel like they live their lives fully, but I'm not.

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