Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

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Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

Post by aanasi » Mar 24th, '19, 09:06

I am looking for someone to find me a name of a Chinese tv series. The tv series was filmed in Nanjing (and other locations). The scenes were filmed late 1998 or early 1999. I'm not sure about the overarching theme of the story, but there were quite a lot of foreigners in it and part of the plot was about a Chinese guy going to the U.S. and ending up in court there (there was an American courtroom scene in it).

Anyone can tell the name of the TV drama?

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Re: Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

Post by Keiko1981 » Mar 24th, '19, 11:42

Searched for Nanjing and got these results. ... fulltext=1

And dramas by the year they aired

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Re: Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

Post by need4speed » May 1st, '23, 03:47

I believe this TVB series/show is after 1999, before 2011.
The comedy drama revolves this one quirky guy.

Episode 1 or 2 is about him making the hotel bellboy do a bunch of tasks with him. The guy hands the bellboy a large bill; the bellboy thought it was his tip, only for the guy to say he wants to split the banknote, not tip him.
Another episode, an old lady pretends to have amnesia and keeps giving the guy spicy food. The guy keeps eating it until his lips turned all puffy and purple. The old lady eventually goes to the hospital for extreme "amnesia". The guy tricks the old lady by pretending to kiss her daughter, only to reveal that he wasn't and the old lady doesn't actually have amnesia.
Last episodes is about the guy and the girl being together, but the guy wants things to be perfect, even the break-up. The guy gets the girl to rehearse the what-if break-up with him, only for the girl to actually want to break things off with him. Eventually, the guy reveals his mistake, and the two of them get back together, ending the drama.

This is as much as I remember, I do not remember the name of this. Can someone please help with the name or refer me to a source for searching? Thank you!

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Re: Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

Post by ices56 » Jul 15th, '23, 23:07

Hi, can anyone please help me identify the drama these cutscenes belong to ?

starting right at point 37:42

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Re: Need help to identify a Cdrama? Ask here!

Post by Branderly » Jul 18th, '23, 14:50

Hello, I am looking for an old Chinese action movie I watched years ago.

Scenes that were more specific included:
- a woman training her aiming by holding firearms with weights on her hands
- a shootout in a desert-like area

I stumbled upon this video that has a few scenes from this movie.
If someone recognizes some of the actors, that will also help.

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