JPTVTS (all questions regarding the site goes here)

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Re: JPTVTS (all questions regarding the site goes here)

Post by Matamuhuri » Jul 19th, '22, 04:01

My fascination for Japanese visuals started with NHK-World. So many quality programmes! I particularly loved Chiaki Horan's Doki Doki World, Kabuki Kool, J-Melo, J-Flicks, Home Sweet Tokyo, Cool Japan, Anime Supernova & so so more. I really feel nostalgic for older episodes. Always wanted to join JPTVTS, but never got a chance.

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Re: JPTVTS (all questions regarding the site goes here)

Post by amwdhqgu1 » Sep 30th, '22, 18:17

Hope to get the invitation from JPTVTS Thank you

Thanks again

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Re: JPTVTS (all questions regarding the site goes here)

Post by watashinippon » Nov 19th, '22, 17:57


Been a fan of Jdramas for a couple years now!

Thanks to the amazing fansubbers and raws providers, I've been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of jdramas, jp movies and tokusatsu shows!
Some of my favourite actresses are Kojima Riria, Goriki Ayame (she's not acting as frequently these days, seems like she's got a great gig designing clothes), Araka Momoto, and Yoshimoto Miyu! Oh, and Chiaki Horan!

Would appreciate if someone would invite me to JPTVTS, I have a stellar reputation on the private trackers I'm active on, which in addition to jptvclub and tvchaosuk are generally ebook based, i.e MAM and Bibliotik. My username is Burajira on all of them, and my ratio of UL/DL is more than 5.0 at any given time, regardless of whether bonus points are offered.

Thanks for considering my invite request

watashinippon/ Burajira

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