Sion Sono is CANCELLED!

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Sion Sono is CANCELLED!

Post by octavia » Apr 6th, '22, 02:29

I never was a fan of this guy's disgusting movies which glorifies violence, blood, lewd serial killers, rapists. I always knew something was wrong with his mind. And now it has turned out he offered roles to some actresses in exchange of s*x. When actors cheat on their wives, there are tons of backlash from fans but now all of them is silent. Why aren't they boycotting this director? He is the one who should be locked up and rot in prison just like Harvey Weinstein. I'm so sorry for the victims who are traumatised by this disgusting man who abused his power. Boycott him! Also you can see the updates about this news and all the other predator Japanese directors on Yuki Matsuzaki's twitter account ( LA based Japanese actor). He says Japanese Media is silent, too!

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