Hi I need help finding real 5.1 dvd or Blu-ray Chinese tv shows.

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Hi I need help finding real 5.1 dvd or Blu-ray Chinese tv shows.

Post by mgfcortez » Mar 8th, '22, 06:57

I have downloaded many journey to the West Zhang Jizhong 2011 version's never been able to get one even 90 gigabytes torrents. that have real 6 channel audio. but mostly trash with two channels and 4 blank channels. I am willing to buy a box set of the show if I can find real audio, that has the voices in their own channels and the music in the other's. I'm afraid to spend a hundred dollars just to get a worthless bootleg dvd without this 5.1 or better audio. so I am hoping someone can help me find a place that sell a real dvd or Blu-ray. I'd be happy to just download but done that, so want to find a good version download or buy I wouldn't care. but not asking for urls, but if I had them... hoping to find a store with real dvds from China. also would love to find the soundtrack, or even a list of the songs used through out the 66 episodes. so I could find them by track. this show is so beautiful. it's so hard for me to believe there isn't a high quality surround sound out there.

please if anyone has gotten these dvds and seen it has 6 channels real surround sound. I would be so happy to get info where I could get them, anyway I can. thank you for your time.

BTW if you want to know why I want it, ever since I founded Sun Wu-kong fan subs, from these very forms I might add, I found 3 Chinese Translators and most quit, (even me) but Miss Jade finished the show 1996 Jttw. so did such a great and wonderful thing thanks to D-addicts, fingered I might find help here again :wub: anyway to the point I like to dub things in English. I dubbed the whole 2 hour movie Monkey King 2014. all voices, then did 28 minutes of part two. anyway the best way to take off the Chinese talking is 5.1 or Blu-ray audio. here is a video of me that I dubbed all the voices, sadly copyright I can not upload full movie, but a few minute clips they over look.

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