Help to find a drama based on the plot

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Help to find a drama based on the plot

Post by smn » Nov 22nd, '21, 18:33

Please help me to find the drama:
I don't remember the language... but it was a small drama, less than 24 episodes(more likely 16), and before 2015.
It was about a high school boy who was in love with a beautiful girl in his class. In the same class there was a gang. The leader fell in love and got involved with the beautiful girl, and his -at the time- girlfriend asked from the protagonist to take dancing classes together (as part of revenge?!?!?)
At the end, the gangster girl got very sick - because of cancer, and she got paralyzed- and the protagonist realized that he was in love with her.
Does it ring any bell??
Help me, pretty, pretty please!!!

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