Is japanese society really as ABSURD was shown in Kingyo Club?

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Is japanese society really as ABSURD was shown in Kingyo Club?

Post by Panino » Sep 6th, '21, 00:19

Taking advantage of this opportunity that Kingyo Club is being seeded right now, could please someone answer the question is the tittle?

It's one of those dramas where everything that happens feels super natural for the characters involved, but to me all sounds nonsensical. Did you watched this drama? If you did you see how many times characters talk about "protecting" (other person) and how they do this? By doing noting. They do nothing to prevent bad things from happening, they do nothing to seek accountability after it happens. And they even have the courage to at some point say and comment that yes, "they protected" (the other person). No, they didn't!

Yes, bullying happens, but it happens (commonly) like isn't shown in this drama? Characters are victims of actual crimes and instead of denouncing they assume the "blame".

There's also that thing that the "weak girl" is seem as seduction the boys that reflects the way women is view there in relation to men. Because the women "is weak" and is the role of the men to "protect" women than in turn should be submissive, the girl victim of the bullying is seem as "cheating", "being unfair".

I'm really curious about his because you can see this sort of thing and hundreds of series and it's all played like it makes perfect sense.
Is this really the way that society things, "in general" (of course there are disagreements) enough to make this standard in their storytelling.

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