Musashi NHK Taiga Drama - 2003

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Musashi NHK Taiga Drama - 2003

Post by trueblue2122 » Jul 27th, '20, 16:12

Hello people!

In an instance where Google doesn't seem to be my friend, I'm having a hard time tracking this series down in any viewable quality.

So far, there is a site that streams it in about 240p and the option to buy it from samuraidvd for roughly $225! I've checked the usual suspects, Nyaa, etc...

Now, it seems there is a good quality one out there as some one has recently uploaded it on Youtube but hardcoded spanish subtitles over the English ones. But after many hours of searching I'm still turning up with nothing but the very low quality one.

Any ideas? As this series looks epic.

Is there a known site that streams or holds the NHK Taiga series in a good quality (at least above 480p!)

Many thanks

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Re: Musashi NHK Taiga Drama - 2003

Post by SnowMoon » Oct 17th, '20, 12:45

Hi there,

Have you tried this one?

I love Musashi 2003! I think Ichikawa Ebizo did a very amazing job as Musashi!

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