What is the connection between tamil and korean

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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What is the connection between tamil and korean

Post by alexk777 » Dec 22nd, '13, 01:26


Just happen to watch korean drama last month first time ever. Until then only thing i know about korea is samsung. ;)

Now after watching korean drama , its shocking for me to lhear ots of words in tamil is same in korean spoken language.

I know most koreans probably do not aware just like i never know korea existed. ;)

I ignored appa , ajumma as its probably default way of spoken throught the world ma , pa etc.

What made me too google is Ulle Va ( come inside) - impossible coincidence..That was shocking to see that word combination in korean

Here is someone listed 500 words similar to tamil.

http://www.ericwritesdotcom.files.wordp ... tamil3.pdf

Anyone interested just look at the pdf and comment . I know koreans has no need to look for tamil as there is no connection there in otherway. because of kdrama i happen to see.

Also i could not able to watch J drama , taiwanese drama or chinese drama because spoken language distract me , But korean language sound natural to me...in few month i probably do not need english subtitle to understand korean. ;)

The interviewer is bad in tamil. Thats one of the problem or he do not understand that korean linguist english.

I am going to earn korean and list all similar sounding words in detail.


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Post by xyz1712 » Jul 6th, '14, 06:33

Another Tamilian here!

Thanks for the great read. I have relied entirely on subs so far for my Kdrama fix, but I'm going to try watching without them to see if I can apply the Tamil-Korean equivalence on the fly. :)

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Re: What is the connection between tamil and korean

Post by mplgmg » May 17th, '17, 08:37

Their accent may similar but According to my knowledge, there is no linguistic connection between Tamil and Korean.

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