Hong Kong or Paris?

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Hong Kong or Paris?

Post by kimchiramen » Aug 21st, '10, 19:58

I'm going to be studying at one of these places for my MBA. Now, language isn't a problem since I speak both french and chinese. However, which place would be more fun? Being a total stalker fan of Nodame, I really want to go to Paris. Then again, hong kong is known to be super fun; night and day; people and places.

I'm stuck in a dilemma and am totally torn between these two places. So, feel free to post ANYTHING you want about those two places.

My third choice though, would be Taipei (Taiwan). I heard its fun there too.

Hong kong school :Chinese University of Hong Kong OR University of Hong Kong
Taiwan School: National Chengchi University OR National Taiwan University

Here's some things to consider: Boys, Shopping, Night life, Security (lots of robbery?), people...

Thanks guys!

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Post by mark99 » Jan 23rd, '11, 20:23

I would go for Paris, since they provide multiple visa, you'd get to travel to different countries and see beautiful places. that sounds exciting!

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Post by MissJonelyn » Mar 14th, '11, 03:46

I've been to both of those places. I really like them both. Only thing I can tell you is choose the place which best accommodates you. Don't wanna move to a place where you would have a hard enough time adjusting.

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Post by el_canuck » Apr 10th, '11, 12:45

I also have been to both and I say Paris mainly because they drive on the same side of the road as North America and within a 200 mile radius, you can visit so many different countries and cultures. Either way, have fun, but study first.

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Post by aimlesswanderer » Apr 10th, '11, 13:46

One thing to think about: can you handle tropical weather? If not, no Hongkers. Though it's one of the safest cities in the world.

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Post by veritati » Apr 10th, '11, 15:15

Paris, most definitely! My sister is studying at La Sorbonne right now and she's loving every minute of it. (And she barely knows French.) She said there's not enough time to take in all that Paris and France have to offer. And you can also travel to other European countries during breaks. Way more culture there than HK or Taiwan, imho.

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Post by Y_T » Apr 11th, '11, 01:25

if you want free education go to Hong Kong

They are currently paying for you uni fee's for international students (while local students have to pay!! So insane!!!)

The logic behind it is they want to bring in more intelligent minded students wtf

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Post by iluvasiandrama » May 3rd, '11, 15:14

Hong Kong would be my choice because I watch HK dramas and really interested.

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Post by zbzbz » May 6th, '11, 23:57

while at HK you can travel to other asian countries too! and it's cheaper than traveling to other european countries.

HK is super safe, as the other poster has said.

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Post by paulineeeho » Sep 30th, '11, 13:47

i have been to hong kong. it's very clean there. i never seen so many asians in my life. LOL i saw some white tourists there. i went to ocean amusement park. haha very fun .

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Post by addamsandii » Dec 23rd, '11, 10:01

I went to both last year. If this is your first time, I would suggest getting with a tour company. Basically it was just the two of us with a tour guide and a driver. Traffic is no joke in it made life a whole lot easier to let someone else do the driving. Sutton Taxis it was not that expensive. It would have cost us the same if we would have tried to do all of those things on our own.

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Hong Kong all the way!`

Post by dendia » Dec 28th, '11, 00:49

I studied at Chinese University of Hong Kong as an exchange student in 2005. It was a fabulous place to be! Hong Kong itself was a great city, very vibrant and easy to get around. Super clean and super safe. The best part was how cheap it was. The food and activities are fabulous because the exchange rate means you can live like a Queen. In addition, you can travel around the rest of Asia for super cheap! The weather during the summer can be rather miserable, but you get used to it.

I've also traveled to Paris. It's equally awesome. Obviously it's more expensive, but the architecture is amazing and the history leaves you breathless. After awhile, you do get tired of the smell of urine in the subways, in the streets, etc.

Trying to choose between the two cities is hard. Personally I'm obsessed with Asia and HK, so I'd vote for there... But Paris and the rest of Europe is equally awesome. I'd ask: What are the chances of you ever going to HK otherwise? Traveling to Europe is easy and familiar for most of us. Asia, not so much.

Best of luck!

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Post by bchurch » Jan 2nd, '12, 04:01

It really depends on what market you want to settle in. Hong Kong seems to be a fast paced see where everything seems to be on the move. Those who are lowly and would not be able to keep up will surely find it really hard to stand tall across the crowd. Paris is a city with more passion and culture living in it, though it could also be quite a challenge to establish from scratch.

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Re: Hong Kong or Paris?

Post by jacky321 » Dec 2nd, '15, 04:25

I love Paris and like to visit this city all times. I also visited Hong Kong only one time but Paris is my favorite. This city is located in the heart of France.
The attractions of it forcing to come here again and again. The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre Museum are my most favorite places. After reading all posts, I am thinking to go again in Hong Kong. I hope I will see lots of things. I want to see some images of Hong Kong attractions. Anyone like to share with me?

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