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Korean Drama Quotes

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Hey everyone!

Please share your favorite Korean drama quotes, conversations and quotes on photos! I would love to see what is out there!

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Eun Chan - "You got hurt more than I did. Does it hurt?"
Han Kyul - "No"
Eun Chan - If it hurts, just say so. I'm not your girlfriend. You don't have to pretend to be tough.
Han Kyul - It hurts!
Eun Chan - When I was 8 years old, I fell off the 3rd floor while playing venara.
Han Kyul - *ummmmmmm*.No wonder you're weird."

Men's bathroom, after the famous kiss:
SS: ARe you drunk?
JH: No.
SS: Are you on drugs?
JH: No.
SS: Have you lost your mind?
JH: No.
SS: Is this another mistake?
JH: No.
SS: Then, like Hyun Woo, do you want to have an affair with me?
JH: Don't compare me to him!
SS: No, you're exactly the same.
JH: I told you not to compare me to him!
SS: Then what is this?
JH: I've fallen for you! I keep thinking about you and it's driving me crazy! Why? Why have you invaded my head to harass me?!? It'd better if you just left me the hell alone!
SS: Okay, I'll leave you the hell alone.
JH: Cancel what I just said.
SS: Hey you...you jerk! What good do you think you've done that you get off yelling at me? Huh? What good?!?
JH: Sorry.
SS: Did I open up your head-can and stuffed myself inside? What gives you the right to yell?
JH: I said I was sorry.
SS: This is so hard for me...if you like someone, then you do and if you don't, then you don't. Why is it so hard?
JH: You don't have black tears today.
SS: Well, it's late. Did you think I would come out with make up at this time of the night?

KSS: Do you like me? Do you know how you've acted tonight? Don't think about it. Just say what's in your mind. So, do you like me?
HJH: Did I not tell you before? Who would want a girl like you? You're not my type! Do you know why? You don't have pretty hands.. What are these? Chicken feet?
KSS: You're not my type as well. Do you know why? You can't tell the truth... Tell the truth... You never even had a slight feeling for me? Not even for one second (or 1%)? Did you or did you not?
HJH: I did not.
KSS: Then, I'll teach you one thing... Don't do stuffs like this. Calling out a person in the middle of the night... Do you know what this means? It means "I have feelings for you." If you don't have these feelings, then don't do stupid things like this. Don't do things that could confuse girls.
HJH: So, you were confused?
KSS: Yes, about 50%.
HJH: I'm sorry if I confused you...

Kijoo : Don't you have a mirror? We both agreed that you're ugly
Tae Young : Ugly.Why are you always saying that?
Ki Joo : Should l lie and say that you're pretty then?
Tae Young : Why are you holding my ugly hand?
Ki Joo : I had fun doing that

CG: It's my choice
Shin: What? Don't tell me...
CG: This is the best for the royal family and you. So I decide to go
Shin: Don't joke
CG: When I entered the palace, it was my choice. So to leave will also be my choice. Not because of anyone chasing me out. It is my own choice. Being responsible for my decision.
Shin: Didn't we say we won't be apart?
CG: It is not breaking up. I am just away for a temporary holiday. Just take it as winter holidays.
Shin: If this is for the royal family, you don't have to do this. What's more important is your life.
CG: Protecting family is also my life. The royal family is my family.

seo jeong woo: if you're lying right now, you're really good at lying
ju yoo rin: if a lie looks like a lie, it's no longer a lie
seo jeong woo : then how do you make it seem real?
ju yoo rin: there is really nothing to it. you just keep insist and persist. it's a fail-proof system so long as you persevere. want to see? *bites into a pepper* do you think this pepper is spicy or not?
seo jeong woo: it's spicy, but you are pretending it's not?
ju yoo rin: yes, you're right. it's actually very spicy, but i'm pretending that it's not.
seo jeong woo: you're lying. it's really not spicy, right?
ju yoo rin: if you're that curious, then try it yourself.
seo jeong woo: what if it is really spicy?
ju yoo rin: nevermind then. if you think about it, sometimes it's better not knowing.
seo jeong woo: no, i have to know it too. *grabs a pepper and bites into it and yoo rin grips onto her seat cushion*
both: ahh HOT!!! [lolzzz image]
seo jeong woo: you're really amazing.
ju yoo rin: see? i told you. you just have to talk back.
even if it's spicy, you say it's not. if you're hurt, you say you're not. if you like someone, you say you don't. that's what you do. but this pepper is really hot!

GONG-CHAN: Ju Yoo Rin, what are you doing right now?
YOO-RIN: I was looking at the world of lies. The snow globe. It looks so pretty and happy that I want to cherish it like this forever.
GONG-CHAN: You must really like that globe. But then, consider who's got the gift for you.
YOO-RIN: Yes, it's because it's a gift from you.
GONG-CHAN: I'm saying this because I can't see you now but I really miss you.
YOO-RIN: Wow. You're becoming more and more brazen.
GONG-CHAN: I'm not as thick-faced as Ju Yoo Rin, I'm sure.
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-Cunning Single Lady-
Once you were gone, my life took a turn for the better. – Jung Woo

You abandoned me when things got tough. But jumping on something because it’s right in front of you, you can’t call that a dream. That’s just greed. I don’t know why I had to meet someone like you of all people. Even in my next lifetime, I hope to never see you again. I want to find my own happiness now. – Jung Woo

If I think of my life that went wrong because of you, even a billion isn’t enough. Do you know? So, don’t look at a person laughably with a few bucks. And also, I was thankful to you for yesterday. That’s why I came. Not because I had a different reason. – Ae Ra

Because you were having a hard time, you left me. This is not “our,” dream, it is “my,” dream. I wanted to show you how I’m going to live with the person I marry; The person who will continue to love me until the end. Someone i will love until the end too. – Jung Woo

You said you would be happy marrying me, but you only liked my circumstances that gave you stability. – Jung Woo

Marriage, to you, wasn’t a promise, but greed. – Jung Woo

If you take the easy road because it’s too difficult, a dream will always remain just a dream. In ten years, or twenty years, I believe that all these hardships will become fond memories. I’ll wait and see that it happens. So please, always follow your dreams. – Jung Woo’s Father

Trust is like a piece of paper. Once it’s wrinkled, it can’t become perfect again. – Jung Woo

-Emergency Couple-

The one who loves more is the weak one. But in love, the weak one is happier. – Ji Hye

I think that’s why it’s difficult to have a relationship known to the public. When both are ready, that’s when they should announce it. If one is not ready or likes someone else, but the other one tells everyone, it’ll put them in a very awkward position. – Ji Hye

The feeling of truly loving someone… how many times do you think it comes in a lifetime? You don’t know how precious and rare that feeling is, do you?- Ji Hye

I’m divorced too. Why? People make mistakes in life. Is that a failure in life? Is it bad enough to deserve fingers and whispers behind your back?- Oh Jin Hee

The memory that I loved you, the good memories, how can I erase them? I still want you, but you don’t want me. It’s hard to handle that I need you to come back to me. – Chang Min

I had a cold for almost a year when I was away from home.
I thought, since it’s only a cold,it would go away soon, but it just got worse.
I took different kinds of medication, but I didn’t get better.
There was no problem with my lungs either, so I thought I should just live with the cold.
The moment I got so used with the coughing and the runny nose that I was sick of, the cold was just gone.
I was so used to it; I didn’t even know it was gone. – Dr. g**k

Why don’t you believe my words? Is it because you can’t trust me? Guess I don’t have trust from you. – Chang Min

If I thought of you as just “someone else”, I wouldn’t have gone that far. – Chief g**k

Don’t look for answers. Right and wrong answers co-exist in every decision. Wise people make a choice and make it the right answer. Foolish people regret the decision and make it the wrong decision. There is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer. – Jin Hee

A girl’s life is really a life of luck
depending on the guy she meets. – Jin Hee

It’s complicated. It’s not over even when it’s over.- Interns

You should look for someone you like now, someone that will really make your heart thump. – Chang Min

Getting a new start on something. How great it is just on its own. – Chang Min

-My Girl-

Since we're going through this kind of situation, I don't have any intention of tarnishing my love for you, yet. I'm going to put a positive spin on it and tell them that our love just ended. If I say that love was never there from the outset, then my pride will take a beating. - Seo Hyun

Don't give up, you lucky guy. If you do give up, my love that never even had a chance becomes so pathetic. At least if I say I lost to a great love, I don't look too bad. So fight till the end. - Jung Woo

I would have gone to you! If you weren't hiding and if you waited for me, I would have gone to you anyways. So my promise that I wouldn't let you go. That promise is still valid. I'm sorry I made it hard for you, but don't run away. - Gong Chan

-I Need Romance 3-

Even when there is no words like “i love you”. Those words were enough. Saying that he’ll try, Saying that he’ll do the best for me. The promise for trying was much better than saying he loves me. – Joo Yeon

-Golden Rainbow-

I raised you all by myself, how can I not recognize you. - Baek Won

If you fall for beauty, you miss the reality of the person. – Do Young

Just know that my heart will always be with you. If we can’t be together in this life, lets hope to be together in our next life. – Do Young

The farthest distance in the world is the distance between a head and a heart. No matter how hard I try to figure it out using my head, my heart doesn’t understand. – Do Young


A human’s memory is a very important route. Having no memory is a much harder thing beyond our imagination. – Ghost

There are some things that the world gets for free. Truthfully, the free things are the most expensive things. – Ghost

-Bride of the Century-
You should treat people with respect! Do you think you’re above everyone else so you can treat them in any way you like? I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this! This is not what I wanted! – Doo Rim

Even ghosts who die on a full stomach look better. – Kang In

Even if things don’t turn out the way we want them to, let’s live our lives confidently the best way we know how. – Doo Rim

There are three things that you can never hide: a loud sneeze, a hole in a sock, and one’s love for someone. – Dong Daek

I didn’t think I had a heart. I tried not to give my heart away….for the first time in my life, there’s someone that I’ve given my heart to. - Choi Kang Ju

Today may be the last day I can be with you. Even if I have to leave you, please remember me. My heart which longed for you was very sincere. – Doo Rim

What is the use of dressing up in branded goods from head to toe? You as a person need to be high end. – Doo Rim

I’m not going to come see you again. I’m not even going to allow us to randomly bump into each other in the streets. Because that’s the only way I know how to protect you. – Kang Joo

You know how they say couples who are truly in love die together, on the same day, at the same time. – Doo Rim

There’s a tale that two people destined to be together are connected by a red string tied around their fingers. You and I are connected by the same string. – Kang Joo

An invisible red thread connects two people who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. – Kang Joo

I’m starting to realise how agonizing the reality I’m faced with is and what is more frightening than a curse on a family. People wearing the mask of a human but aren’t human, who like starving beasts attack at any opportunity they get. – Doo Rim

Fool. You can’t even control your own emotions, so how are you expecting to accept someone else’s heart. - Il Do

-Beyond the Clouds-

When I was little, we were chased all the time. When I blew that whistle, my dad put me on his back and ran away. Now I’m giving it to you. Later, if you’re okay with me even after you know everything about me, will you blow that whistle for me? Then I’ll put you on my back and run away. – Se Ro

It was real for me, too. The time I spent with you - I wished it would be a dream; I wished I was mistaken. But no, to me it was real and reality, too. – Young Won

The diamond is the strongest substance on earth but it’s just that the substance is hard not its existence. A diamond doesn’t scratch on the outside but you can shatter it into pieces … It means diamonds can be destroyed just like anything else. – Young Won

Even if you’ve grown faint to me now. There is a path that I need to take. – Se Ro

-Melody of Love-

There are no impossible paths in life. I don’t think there are. – Gong Deulim

Who cares how I dress? There are people who wear fancy suits and go around scamming people. – Park Hyeonu

-Inspiring Generation-

If your eyes don’t work, then use your ears. If your ears become bad, then use your nose. Use your instincts. – Il Hwa

-Winter Sonata-

Sometimes, without realizing it, a thread from your heart goes out to someone. You don’t know where the thread will end up, but…once it leaves your heart, you can’t bring it back. – Min Hyung

-Sad Love Song-

I want to abandon everything and go back to the way things were. Let's go back to our old lives. We were comfortable even though we were poor. I want to smile easily. I want to breathe easily. I want to be able to sleep comfortably. - Hae In

-Over The Rainbow-

That, you seem to have mistaken. You don't like me at all. You're just curious and find me funny that's all... All the more you can't be attracted to someone like me. That won't do. - SangMi

Why do women look so gentle in front of men who are hurt? But it's quite comfortable. Although I've tried to understand women, one by one they treat me with motherly care. - Rex

-Hello! God-

I get butterflies in my stomach. I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. I'm so excited and I feel so happy, I want to burst. but then, I feel warm all over and I have trouble breathing. I read books and searched the internet all night to figure it out.These are symptoms of love, I'm in love. – Haru

I've never dreamt of a better tomorrow... I've never had any hope. I've never believe in love. I knew I was all alone in this world. But... You were always there for me. You were always there. - Eun Hye

Why did you do it? Where you tired of me? I've been curious about my entire life. Why did you abandon me? Was I that much of a burden to you? If that's the case, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was born. I'm sorry I caused you pain. I know it must've been hard for you. But it was also hard for me. At times, I thought of killing myself. But that mad me stronger. It made my try harder. You given me life, for that.... I thank you.... - Dr. Park

-Spring Waltz-

I hate myself for not recognizing you and for falling in love with you. I hate the heart that palpitates each time I'm near you, the heart that cost my mum's life. Meeting you, I really regret it! - Eun Young

I really don't know why I keep bringing her pain, when I all I want is to make her smile. That promise that I made 15 years ago, I really wanted to keep it. - Jae Ha


Why did some random girl butt into my life... and with her big staring eyes asking me this and that... when I listen to your words, it felt like my life was all fake. All the things that I once believed felt fake within seconds. But sometimes I think about this often... and sometimes I would ask myself... would I be able to live without you. – Shin


Love isn't a complicated thing. If you think about the person before you make a decision, that's love. - Soo Ki

-Lovers in Paris-

There are not many people who can truly love. It's because they meet the wrong person. But l'm sure you will find someone who will truly love you. Don't make yourself miserable. - Ki Joo

-All In-

If you're with me you might need to give up many things. You may not be able to go to school. At a village where nobody knows us, we might need to harvest oranges for living. Or somewhere near by the seaside in Mexico I might sell cigarettes to the tourists. Nonetheless, I won't leave you. I won't leave you again ever. - In Ha

I don't know if I can really do this.... it keeps coming back. I feel as if this won't be reality when I wake up. I am afraid that this all could be a dream. Because I am an unfortunate brat, I don't know if I am supposed to be this happy. - In Ha


To say goodbye, your eyes have to forget her face. Your ears have to forget her voice. Your head have to forget her name and your heart....your heart has to forget your love for her - Kang Wook


Their incompatible appearances have actually made them more compatible … Some people said that when a couple comes together … they will complement each other’s shortcomings. - Bae Young Joon

-Delightfulgirl Choongyang-

If I liked her from the beginning, then it was neither a mistake or an accident. I liked her from the moment I chose to be with her. But I didn't realized it. I really regret that. - Mong Ryong

-Snow White-

You asked me why I'm being a fool?
I used to think that he would always be by my side.
Although there are lots of women around him,
I've always believed he'll come back to me someday.
I believed that, because he never really left me.
but now he's getting married. I don't know what I should do.
It's like how the moon orbits Earth.
I'm the moon. I can't change my orbiting path. -young hee

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