Blood (KBS2, 2015)

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Blood (KBS2, 2015)

Post by Thierry23 » Mar 2nd, '15, 20:08

블러드 / Beulleodeu
started: 2015 feb 16
air time: Monday and Tuesday 22.00

I have not been watching Korean Drama's as long as some of the others have, just a year, maybe a year and a half. So I still don't know what I can expect from a Korean series. Although I've noticed that they tend to fumble in a love affair/triangle for the main characters. (One notable exception was Misaeng, where I could not detect an affair/triangle.)

Anyway, while watching the series Healer, which I found very entertaining, I found out that after its run, the time slot would be taken by Blood.

It's probably a first for me, to anticipate a series with more attention than usual.

Why? Well, I haven't seen that many series with a vampire lead, the only one I can remember is a japanese series, Koishite Akuma. So when I read that it would be about a vampire surgeon, it already got my attention. "Hmm? A vampire surgeon? How will he be able to constrain himself, when he's cutting open people to do surgery and all that blood is gushing around?" That one made me curious.

Afterwards I found out that Ahn Jae Hyun would play the lead role. I had noticed him before in You Who Came From the Stars in a minor role, and later in a major role in You're All Surrounded. That made me curious too... Would he be able to pull it off in a lead role? Having seen him in those previous roles I remember thinking, that he would probably do great as a Vulcan in Star Trek. And now he's playing a vampire. :) So that's another reason for my anticipation. I have to admit, that I can't really distinguish a good actor/actress from a bad one, unless they're really really really bad. So from what I've seen until now (episodes 1 - 4), I think he's not too bad.

I've read that the lead actress, Koo Hye Sun, got some criticism for her acting. I don't know why. If it was her way (and that of the writer/director/whoever) to give off the feeling of a pampered, bratty, arrogant b... , then she has succeeded summa cum laude, at least in my opinion. That's how I felt when seeing her: "Gosh there is that arrogant brat again...Please shut up!"

Like when watching You Who Came From The Stars, I'm getting "AAAARGH" moments again, when an episode ends. Then I usually got no idea, which direction it will take. That's when the long wait until next week's episodes starts.

So far I'm enjoying Blood.

[edit] Sun. March 8, 2015
Having watched episodes 5 and 6, ther are currently 2 questions that came up:

is the hospital director really an evil villain, or was he pushed into being an evil villain by what happened in the past?
How did Ji Sang ever hook up with a friend like that, who's good at computer things, and is even able to use analysers like that? Where and how dit he obtain stuff like that?
Makes me at least curious...

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