Does anyone know the name to this drama?

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Does anyone know the name to this drama?

Post by TONYOO101 » Feb 22nd, '15, 03:56

I remember this old drama I watched a while back, however, I can't seem to remember the name or what really happened throughout the series. However, I do remember something unique about it that doesn't happen in other Chinese Dramas. Or perhaps this is a common trope and I'll probably never find it again. Anyhow, the show is set in ancient china and follows two main leads, a sword bearing male and a female support character. They are following the two main villains, both male and with one being the leader and the other a weaker lackey. While this seems fairly generic, at around the midpoint of the show, the male protagonist kills the lackey and wounds the main villain. The male protagonist proceeds to become evil, the female lead nurses the main villain back to health, and the show changes perspectives. Now we follow the newly turned hero fighting against the newly turned villain. I know that this isn't a lot of information and this could be a very common thing that happens in Chinese Dramas. However, if you guys know of any Chinese Dramas that does this, feel free to tell me.

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Re: Does anyone know the name to this drama?

Post by whiteadamas » Feb 23rd, '15, 21:02

The Legendary Siblings?

the actor jimmy lin?

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