[Question] About read-only mode of forums 25 Dec - 1 Jan

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[Question] About read-only mode of forums 25 Dec - 1 Jan

Post by Tilda2205 » Dec 12th, '14, 14:11

waf wrote
The forums will go into read-only mode starting at 12:00 AM UTC on December 25 and will stay in read-only mode until the migration is complete. (To reiterate, read-only means the site will remain fully accessible during that time, but you cannot create any new topics/posts/threads/etc.
I'd like to know about editing of old posts. Will subbers able to add new subs in their threads?

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Post by MoerkJ » Dec 13th, '14, 21:47

when the migration starts (Dec 25) the forum will be locked.
so, no posts or changes to the old forum are possible anymore.
when the new forum opens after migration you can post again.
the new forum will open between December 25 and January 1, depending how long the migration takes.

The forum will be locked because any changes to the old forum during the migration would be lost.

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Post by Tilda2205 » Dec 14th, '14, 05:17

Thank you!

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Post by koshonin » Dec 24th, '14, 19:05

minasan ... hope to read you all on the other site

WAF, and all involved, gambate and thank you

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Post by J-zavislak » Dec 25th, '14, 23:49

I'm sorry, just testing ... still unlocked ? ...
ganbatte kudasai
good luck and thank you very much


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