Hello newbie here....

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Hello newbie here....

Post by twnklyarts » Mar 19th, '13, 04:08

Hi so I've been into kdramas and jdramas for a while now and I just thought I could meet some ppl who share the same interest :) theres no one in my town who does. Im currently watching To The Beautiful You. If anyone likes this or just started watching like me comment plz! Im only on episode 2 no spoilers please lol

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Post by PocketKiriyama » Apr 14th, '13, 22:19

Welcome to D-Addicts! I know the feeling because like you no one here is interested in Asian dramas except for my mom.

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Post by Yoonak » Apr 14th, '13, 22:36

Hi! Same situation here :) Everyone here loves anime, but I'm the only one interested in dramas. Sometimes my mom watches with me tho :) To the beautiful you, you mean k-remake of Hana kimi? How is it so far?

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Post by twnklyarts » Apr 14th, '13, 23:10

Yea its good and also the remake to hana kimi. I mean some things are weird but all in all I like it. Are you all watching anything at this time? Thanks for responding! Just wanted to chat with someone who understands my passiob lol

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Post by yuji07 » Oct 19th, '13, 05:42

hi there! like you I'm also a newbie here, it's just that I've finally decided to join here, because i think i need some dose Asian dramas :D

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