Korean wildlife documentary

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Korean wildlife documentary

Post by Masutin » Oct 6th, '12, 06:42


I wonder if any wildlife buffs are around here, but don't know where else to look. I want to know if the amazing documentary series, "Nature Storyteller" of 2002 or 2008, is available in HD. The credits in the English version broadcast on TV include
Photographer: Byun Gwang Woo
Lee Kyeong Won
Yeom Sang-Sup
Park Dae Geun
Distributor: Wild Net

The only references (containing only general details) I could find are here:
http://kennynco.com/catalogue/factual.p ... ode=101000
http://u7tv.ru/eng/index.shtml?sectioni ... rogid=0260

No Korean spelling is available. Could anyone versed in Korean try to find references by using, e.g. the names of the creators? Thanks!

Just in case, some facts about Koreans in Russian-speaking countries: A major Russian rock band remains "Kino", whose vocalist and poet, Victor Tsoi, was part Korean. Sadly, he died in a car crash.
Here Koreans are mostly known for taekwondo, having dogs in their diet, and profiting from growing early fruit, e.g. watermelons.

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