Need help & advise on Korean OST search

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Need help & advise on Korean OST search

Post by Hisodin » Aug 23rd, '12, 06:51

Hey all, it's been a very long time since I visited here in D-addicts forum, T'was mostly active in the Japanese section but for the past few years I have transformed myself into loving kdramas and kpop.

I have been facing some issues such as searching for kdrama ost's recently, wasn't expecting that kdrama osts would separate out in many "PARTS" for a single series compared to Jdrama osts where they are divided into vocal album & just plain osts.

Anyway, back from the sidetracked. The issues I'm facing are like this:

1) Moo Shin (God of War) OST part 5 is new and is still available for download.
I managed to find other ddl links for part 1-3, however part 4 seems to be unsearchable on the net, especially with google.

2) Didn't want to rely on torrent to download, but given the fact that ddl services have been shutting down & both MF & HF have very short lifespan for uploads. Tried doing "OST torrent" search in D-addicts itself but it seems there isn't much activity here.

- Got the rooftop prince ost here, but ost for time slip dr jin, man of honor & the king 2 hearts, can't be found here.

3) I was planning to try AvistaZ as a last resort however the website seems to have been locked from new visitors. I used to have an account for the site but was unable to access the website. I'm wondering if I will fare a better chance on getting all the kdrama & even jdrama osts I want from there, since there was not much activity there b4 I switched solely on ddl services.

I would really appreciate your help, if you could advise and share with me on where there is a high activity in sharing kdrama & jdrama osts.

I'm sure there are many out there that are also facing the same issues as I am.

Currently in search of:
1) Secret Garden OST
2) Moo Shin (God of War) OST part 4
3) Feast of The Gods OST
4) History of the Salaryman OST
5) Ghost 2012 OST
6) Bridal Mask OST

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Post by Ethlenn » Sep 4th, '12, 20:44

Clubbox. :salut:
Plus, typing in google "name of the drama" OST usually in 95% leads to download links, links are also under most of OST on Youtube. Dozens of Kpop/Jpop music blogs have OSTs as well.
Finding OSTs in 2012 is like taking a lollipop from a newborn baby.

But I'm curious of one thing, you were "active" in J-section. How? Since it's your first post. Not here? :whistling:

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