take me for a night in new york

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take me for a night in new york

Post by 1308hfp4 » May 30th, '12, 21:34

hi. i was hoping someone here might know the name of an 80's comedy show i am trying to find out.

in 1984, i watched it on tv in japan but was very little. other than remembering that it was very funny, i recall the closing credits playing the song,"take me for a night in new york" which i later learned was by elbow bones and the racketeers (see link).


i also remember the credits played in fast motion to make what they did it even funnier when they would knock someone on the head or something like that. was it kato chan & ken chan, one of the many takeshi kitano shows, or something else?

thank you for your help.

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Post by 1308hfp4 » May 6th, '13, 19:18

it's been about a year and i thought i'd bump it hoping someone might have the answer.
additional recollection...i also remember there was a comical chase scene segment in the middle of the show that was in fast motion paired to van halen's "hang 'em high" as the music track(see link).


again, all i know it was a tv series around '85 - 88'ish and i'm pretty sure kitano was in it.

thanks again for any help.

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Post by salparadise » Aug 14th, '13, 22:26

Well, sorry for a late reply, haha, but I just saw your post.

The TV show was called: 加トちゃんケンちゃんごきげんテレビ
(Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen Terebi)

It featured Shimura Ken (who is still popular. You can probably find some episodes of his current show Shimura Zoo on here).

I referenced the song you mentioned on some Japanese websites and was able to find the show. Here's the wiki on it:

http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8A%A0% ... C%E3%83%93
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kato-chan_ ... Gokigen_TV

And here's a youtube video from an episode:


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Post by 1308hfp4 » Aug 14th, '13, 22:37

Thanks for replying! I thought it was Kato & Ken, but since I could never find an episode of the closing credits with that song anywhere online I thought it must have been something else. Would you mind posting the link where you found the song reference in the show?...or if you happen to know of a link where the closing credits can be viewed that would great too! This has sentimental value to me as it was a show that I watched with my Uncle before he passed away. Thanks again.

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