Best K-Drama 2011

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Best K-Drama 2011

Post by ShinmenTakezo » Dec 25th, '11, 04:46

Now that the year is coming to an end i would like to know which dramas are your favorites in 2011, a Top 3 would be nice, maybe even with an explanation.

1.) Tree with deep roots
For me, not only the best period drama(basically one of my most favorite genres) i´ve ever watched but clearly the best drama 2011. Starting from the great performances of Jang Hyuk, Han Suk Kyu , Yoon Je Moon and, despite her young age, even Shin Se Kyung, followed by the great suspense story, the constellation of the characters, the soundtrack, and also the fighting, everything was superb, but what intrugued me most was the fact that the series, despite the fate of the characters being very important, mainly focused on portrait of how history is written and how decisions made by few people influences the fate of many. The ending was kind of bittersweet for me. Although i really would have liked to see a happy ending for Chae Yun and So Yi, for this drama it made much more sense to sacrifice themselves for the "great cause" and it basically illustrates how history takes its course. Maybe their should really be more novel adaptions among k-dramas, seeing how well tree with deep roots worked.
2.) Protect the Boss
Despite being very funny and having very lovable characters, the thing that intruged me most was the fact that protect the boss doesn´t use almost none of the typical Rom-Com stereotypes. Starting from the slighty manly and strong female lead, the weak male lead who needs protection, the female, love rivals becoming friends and so on. The actor´s performances was also impressive and the story had enough twists to keep it exciting.
3.) City Hunter
Most of the time, revenge stories work very well because the audience can sympathize with the main character from the start and also develops a hatred for the villains early in the series but City Hunter exceeds most of the revenge stories i´ve seen. It has a great story with plausible twists and a great connection and chemistry between the male and female lead.

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Post by Silverman » Dec 26th, '11, 23:49

Its difficult for me to decide on 3 dramas, so i list 5^^. There is no particular order.

1) Protect the Boss
On the one hand its a traditional romcom. On the other hand it has some fresh ideas. Up till episode 13 it was very good, the episodes 14-16 were mehh and 17+18 were ok, even though it was a little bit forced
cmon a guy who lived this way for 30 years becomes from zero to hero in 3 months and is the perfect/fearless/successful businessman?
Overall a very good drama.

2) Scent of a Woman
Even though i don't like disease-dramas, this one was very good. Even though it has a sad story, the message is you have to live to your fullest and don't lose hope. In other dramas of this kind the message is...well the leads love each of them becomes ill and dies...the other one cries and the drama is over. So i like Scent of a woman.

3) City Hunter
High production value+ Lee Min Ho + Park Min Young. Even though the last episodes were predictable and a little bit repetitive, the drama overall was very good. LMH showed us again, that he grows with every drama. For me its the best Action-kdrama i ever watched (yes i liked this one a lot better, than Athena and Iris).

4)The Greatest Love
Shallow, not very original, but very fun and addictive, like all the other Hongdramas. And i think Mr Cha and Ms Gong are very good in this one.

5)49 days
Even if i hate the ending and a few of the actors are not very good, but this is a fantasydrama. And i'm a fan of fantasy dramas^^.

Guilty pleasure:
Myung Wol the Spy
The script is a mess. Half way through they kinda loose the whole spy concept. THe first 8 ep were good, but the rest was just messy. But i still like this one, even though i don't know why.

This is my list till now. But i haven't watched all the dramas from 2011 which i'm interested in (there are about 7-10 in the queue). I think Padam Padam would also make the list, but i watched just the first 2 episodes, so i can't say for sure, if its good.

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Post by Serienjunkie » Dec 30th, '11, 10:23

This year I saw only few good of drama. Little light and much shade - unfortunately.

1. The Princess Man
My Top Drama 2011. Very good Story, great actors with a suitable end. I laughed and cried. I will watch this drama soon again.

2. Scent of a Woman
What for a chemistry between the two leading actors! With the dance scenes I sat there with goose skin. I like this drama from the beginning and i´m glad for the compromise in the end.

3. The Greatest Love
I love the Hong Sister. Very funny Drama with great Actors. It was awesome from first to the last episode.

Guilty pleasure:
My Princess - nice, but the end? really? :roll
Me, too flower - I am completely surprised that the drama pleases me well.
Lie to me - I like it, but the script was not good

49 Days- I didn´t like the end and the terrible female Ghost actor.
Baby Faced Beauty- not my case
City Hunter - nice, but I was so terribly, terribly, terribly annoyed about the end
Dream High - nice, but nothing special
Heartstrings - I didn´t like the first few episodes becomes with ep7 much better and better
Man of Honor - nice, but nothing special; no chemistry between the main actors
Myung Wol The Spy - my worst drama 2011. horrible film script
Protect the Boss - the first half was so great and i enjoyed it very much. In the second half the story breaks in. What a pity!
Romance Town - nice, but weird. I didn´t like the end or the supporting actors.

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Post by sansi » Dec 30th, '11, 19:48

1. Brain

Shin Ha Kyun is my favorite actor. He is absolutely great in Brain.

2. Deep Rooted Tree

It is about the creation of hangul-this a very important topic to me. Then, great acting by Jang Hyuk and Han Suk-gyu.

These are the only 2011 drama I have watched.

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Post by bigrazorsis » Jan 13th, '12, 01:06

1.) New Tales of the Gisaeng. -- Though it had some fairly common themes and tropes, love between a poor girl and the son of a chaebol, interfering ex-g/f and family, etc. etc. it dealt with them in a way that was new and fresh and the cast was fantastic. It was a drama that had some great roles for older actors too, both male and female.

2.) Greatest Love -- It's the Hong Sisters, doing what the Hong Sisters do. Either you love it or you hate it. Me, and thousands like me, love it!

3.) Baker King Kim Tak Du/Gloria. -- These two might have screened in 2010 and I only got around to watching in 2011. Both were great. Both were well worth your time. If you haven't seen them yet.

Biggest disappointment? What happened to the Kdrama remake of Comrades: almost a love story? Dying to see this. Will it ever get a release?

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Post by lolmark » Jan 14th, '12, 01:56

1) Scent of a Woman - This was the first straight up romance show that I watched. The premise and approach to the bucket-list story was terrific. The production was also top notch.

2) Greatest Love - Most k-drama romantic comedies don't need to reinvent the wheel. As long as there's strong chemistry between the two lead characters and some memorable scenes, I'll like it.

3) Baby-faced Beauty - Same reason as number 2. Family dynamic in this drama was fairly compelling as well.

Honorable mention:
Heartstrings - The show really dipped hard at the remaining 3 or 4 episodes. I wish it could have ended better.

Guilty pleasure:
Lie to Me - Yoon Eun Hye super fan over here. :3

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Post by bloodbath-angel » Jan 15th, '12, 23:58

1. Tree with Deep Roots - Great story, amazing acting and
the 1st drama of 2011 where i cried like a baby.
2. The Princess Man - A great story about family, love and friendship and cunning and conniving men a plenty.
3. City Hunter - It's got a little bit of everything.

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Post by riki_kun » Jan 28th, '12, 01:28

1 City Hunter
2 Me Too , Flower!
3 Scent Of A Woman

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Post by fofaa90 » Jan 28th, '12, 01:44

for me ..

1- miss Ripley

2- Scent of a Woman

3- The greatest love

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Post by bluchan » Feb 1st, '12, 17:19


1) 49 Days (included the final)
2) Can you hear my heart (Listen to my heart)
3) Ojakgyo Brothers (still on air)

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Post by Viande » Feb 7th, '12, 23:35

I had trouble to rate the dramas because the dramas I was most hooked in were the ones that were messed up the most... But anyway...

1) 49 Days - First part of the drama was a bit boring and Nam Gyuri annoying but I LOVED the story and especially the ending.
2) Vampire Prosecutor - First episodes were made with same mold and main story had only 5 min time at the end of each episode but things got a lot more interesting at ep 10 or so. Didn't have not a single boring episode.
3) Scent of a Woman - Touching story. Lee Dong Wook was a bit blank face though... and Kim Sun Ah was sobbing too much. I only remeber her red nose. :P
4) Protect the Boss - Interesting characters, lovable 2nd lady but a bit boring/dragging last few episodes.
5) I Need Romance & Lie to Me - Both were the most addicting dramas of 2011 for me BUT they were messed up so badly it makes me curse for it for a long time. :cussing: Lie to me was screwed after writer got changed and I Need Romace had the worst end choice of all.

and I'm still watching Tree With Deep Roots. First 4 episodes were amazing but after that my interest got down a bit, maybe because of missing Song Joong Ki or the time jump. I don't really like the male lead... or actually the character.

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Post by AsianDramazzz9 » Feb 21st, '12, 05:39

1. Ojakgyo brothers

Then in no particular order:

birdie buddy, lie to me, protect the boss, city hunter, the musical

and i'm sure there's more i'm missing.

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Post by The Chaos » Feb 21st, '12, 05:47

Protect the Boss
The Princess Man
City Hunter

others too but I don't remember titles now ^_^

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Post by amoozboosh » Feb 21st, '12, 10:37

In the first spot for me comes "Secret garden".

In the Second spot "Princess Man"

No other favourite for 2011.

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Post by justintorque » Mar 11th, '12, 13:54

My Top 3 2011 drama favorites are:

1. The Princess Man - amazing storyline plus Moon Chae Won acting gets better and better until the last episode. The ending was totally unexpected for me because I was rooting for a tragic end.. XD

2. Lie To Me - prolly because of Eun Hyun Ye.. storyline was predictable though

3. Can You Hear My Heart - it moves me.. XD

Guilty Pleasure
Spy Myung Wol - just like everybody else, the show got screwed mid way but still too in love with Han Ye Seul.. XD

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