Taiwan and then either Japan, Hong Kong, or Shanghai?

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Taiwan and then either Japan, Hong Kong, or Shanghai?

Post by dendia » Dec 28th, '11, 01:05

I'm taking a 3 week vacation in late April - May to Asia. I have to be in Taiwan (specifically Taipei) on May 6 for a friend's wedding. My question is, where should I go before and after then? I'm traveling solo.

I'd love to return to Hong Kong - I did an 8 month exchange there back in 2005 and adored it. But I'm afraid it won't be the same by myself without my exchange friends.

Or, I could travel around Japan for a bit. However, their Golden Week holiday is during this time and I'm a paranoid it will be either super boring or crazy busy.

Alternatively I could go to Shanghai, China. I've been there a couple of times, but mainly just to the train station or airport. I've never actually explored the city that much (I've been to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Nanjing). I speak some Mandarin, but the idea of traveling solo in China is more terrifying than anywhere else... :)

In Taiwan, I definitely want to visit Kaoshiung and Taipei. Are there any other cities you recommend?


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Post by MeiXin » Dec 28th, '11, 02:00

If you haven't been to TP with in the last year there are a lot of new venues that have opened because of the Flora Expo. The even created a new MRT line. I would suggest going to I-lan or Hualien, or even Kenting :)

Source => I live in Taiwan. I have lived in KH and am living in Danshui.

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