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Discuss about your favourite Chinese Actors and Actresses.
Motoko Ayoama
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Post by Motoko Ayoama » Apr 2nd, '08, 06:55

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin in ISWAK & TKA has so far my favourite couple but I still do not have seen a lot of dramas.

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Post by Tianchi » Apr 9th, '08, 11:13

I chose Mike He & Rainie Yang coz so adorable and unique chemistry in devil beside you and why-why love.
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Post by Illanair » Apr 9th, '08, 11:57

Tianchi wrote:I chose Mike He & Rainie Yang coz funny couple and unique
*nods in agreement* The two of them make such an ackward and funny couple in Devil Beside You. I just can't stop watching them - just like a trainwreck ^-^

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Post by honeyiceblend » May 2nd, '08, 17:56

I was into MR a few months back. But I thought Rainie deserved better. LOL.

I really wanted Jiro and Hebe to be together even though nothing happened between them. I think they suits. :P

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Post by LayZie » May 14th, '08, 09:05

here mah list:
jolin n` xiao zhu [Hi! Working Girl... im a biggest jolin n` xiao zhu fan :] i jus luv luv 'em]
mike n` rainie [devil beside you n` why why love]
danson n` genie [new series rolling love]
ariel n` joe [its started wit a kiss]
vic n` barbie [meteor garden n` mars]

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Post by Zealousy » Jun 20th, '08, 04:09

Hu Ge & Vivian Hsu.

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Post by ShadowMystika » Jul 2nd, '08, 08:17

barbie xu and vic zhou in meteor garden!


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Post by sarah117 » Nov 10th, '08, 17:13

ShadowMystika wrote:barbie xu and vic zhou in meteor garden!

if i'm not mistaken, that isn't Vic Zhou rite? it's Jerry Yen.. :lol

well, i find Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En made a really cute couple in Fated To Love You

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Post by spazzy06 » Dec 1st, '08, 03:07


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Post by npsokan » Dec 24th, '08, 06:08

Does anyone know where I can find the site to watch treasure venture dubbed in khmer.

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Post by pumpki3 » Feb 4th, '09, 09:20

aww so many cute couples!
i tend to think they're all meant for each other in all the dramas! haha

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Post by isbes83 » Feb 5th, '09, 15:14

xiang chin and jiang zhi hsu! the most cutest couple ever!

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Post by OnlyXainz » Jul 22nd, '09, 09:12

ariel and mike o_O sort of strange looking couple but i've always loved them since love contract :P and vic and ivy! D: they were too cute together in black & white hehe

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Post by Ardillita » Sep 12th, '09, 15:25

Wu Chun and Ella
Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang
Mike He anr Rainie Yang

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Post by spidergirl » Sep 26th, '09, 12:59

As for me it will definitely be Kevin Cheng and Charnaine Sheh :D

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Post by bitt_ping » Oct 14th, '09, 15:59

My fav couple:

1. Yong Qi & Xiao Yan Zi aka Alec Su and Vicky Zhao (the greatest couple ever...they have a great chemistry on HZGG) ^^

2. Dao Ming Si & Shan Cai aka Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu (Love A Si'love to her)

3. Mike He and Rainie Yang...

4. Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin

Deleted User 235229

Post by Deleted User 235229 » Aug 4th, '10, 05:11

Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang!!!!~From the drama METEOR SHOWER!!! :D 8) :D 8) :D
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Post by Pythia » Dec 17th, '10, 04:29

For me it's Jerry Yan and Ella Chen in Down with Love!!!!
Such cute couple :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Re: YanChen

Post by angelyly » Mar 28th, '11, 03:37

Pythia wrote:For me it's Jerry Yan and Ella Chen in Down with Love!!!!
Such cute couple :wub: :wub: :wub:
They are but...the end of the drama was so :blink :crazy: lol!!!

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Post by MoonRaven » Jul 8th, '11, 13:59

I'll agree with Jerry and Ella :D

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