Korean SOTM: Volunteers Seeders Wanted!

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Korean SOTM: Volunteers Seeders Wanted!

Post by mizune » Oct 3rd, '09, 02:34

Thank you for volunteering, Seeders!!!

KSOTM - How it works... <-- read!

Thanks to all that made KSOTM possible and successful, including Jem for allowing us to add series on his trackers to the mix! All series are either on D-Addicts' or Jem's tracker.

In this thread we are looking for volunteers who want to seed a drama when it becomes a KSOTM. Please post in this thread which of the listed kdramas you have and want to help seeding (together with other volunteers). Also, feel free to post if we're missing an eligible series on the list or something is just wrong. Mistakes have been known to happen, and generally, I just need a lot of help and looking after... :fear:

Notes to all readers of this thread:
  • Please don't PM the listed users for seeds. They volunteered to seed these dramas only if it becomes a KSOTM. Please request seeds in the request forum instead.
  • All licensed dramas will be removed for eligibility. See also: List of licensed dramas, Forum announcement. Sorry guys :/

Series colored red are those without any volunteers. *hint hint*

D-Addicts Torrents

101st Proposal (15 eps): rabbit0900
1% Of Anything (26 episodes): Jannah, ladyroake, leeunit, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, yendao, mannymo
3 Leaf Clover (16 eps):
9 End 2 Outs (16 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
90 Days Time For Love (16 eps):
A Love to Kill (16 eps): amru, apples, bLaCkNbLuE, gEkO, h3rl1n4, Jannah, JenEm, leeunit, martha, rabbit0900
All In (24 eps): aznkoodies, darb, ghuor, lilswtangel, Misa, MoerkJ, mtlandis, NineTails, ookamiki, puccakiss79, rabbit0900, SaNine, scy, stitch, |sUiZiD|, terrancelam, mannymo, dima
Autumn Tale (16 eps): apples, bLaCkNbLuE, ghuor, isuzu, lilswtangel, martha, MoerkJ, mtlandis, NineTails, ookamiki, puccakiss79, rabbit0900, scy, skaven, snowgal, steven1973sg, tikleabubble, -wWh-
Auction House (12 eps) [subs]:
Bad Couple (16 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
Bad Family (16 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm, mannymo
Bad Love (20 eps) [subs]:
The Bean Chaff of My Life (16 eps): kazuki, leeunit, yendao
Beating Heart (12 eps) [subs]:
Beautiful Days (24 eps): horndogbuddhist
Beethoven Virus (18 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
Before and After Plastic Surgery (12 eps) [subs]:
Bichunmoo (14 eps) [subs]:
Blissful Woman (20 eps):
Blue Fish (16 eps):
Bodygaurd / Bodigadeu (22 eps): amru, ashitakka, bLaCkNbLuE, Chynkinese, leeunit, martha, miriko, missxmoody, nagai yasumi, NineTails, puccakiss79, sabriyahm, scy, Syuichi, dima
Boys Over Flowers (25 eps) [subs]: ooyoo
Bright Girl's Success Story (16 eps): aoi_hana, apples, crazyjnx, Jannah, martha, rabbit0900, mannymo
Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance (24 eps) [subs]:
Cain and Abel (20 eps) [subs]:
Capital Scandal (16 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
City Hall (20 eps): aaadramavr, rambutan
Cloud Stairway (16 eps) [subs]:
Coffee Prince / First Shop of Coffee Prince (17 eps) [subs]: ooyoo, EMMX
Coma (5 eps):
Country Princess (17 eps): bLaCkNbLuE, kikuesan, leeunit, martha, miriko, missxmoody, MoerkJ, puccakiss79, rlynxen
Crazy For You (16 eps) [subs]: melica37, rabbit0900
Dal Ja's Spring (22 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm, mannymo
Delicious Proposal (16 eps): apples, leeunit, little tiger, Misa
Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang (17 eps): amru, apples, Flames808, gEkO, horndogbuddhist, Jannah, leeunit, little tiger, martha, miriko, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, scy, TennisNoOjisama, mannymo, dima
The Devil / Mawang (20 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
East of Eden (56 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
Eighteen vs. Twenty-Nine / 18 vs. 29 / 18:29 (16 eps): Jannah, rabbit0900, mannymo
Evasive Inquiry Agency (16 eps):
Fantasy Couple (16 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm, mannymo
Fashion 70's (28 eps): apples, leeunit, Jannah, Néa Vanille, Tosca
Fight (8 eps) [subs]:
Fireworks / Exhibitions of Firework (17 eps): kikuesan, rabbit0900, sabriyahm
Flowers for My Life (16 eps):
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (16 eps):
Golden Bride (64 eps) [subs]:
Goodbye Solo (16 eps): Jannah, nagai yasumi, rabbit0900, sabriyahm
Goong S / Palace S (20 eps): martha, rabbit0900
The Great Inheritance / Kindergarten Love (17 eps): Jairick, martha, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, Suzumi
Green Rose (22 eps): gEkO, Jannah, leeunit, martha, rabbit0900, Tosca
Guardian Angel (16 eps): leeunit, Jannah
Happiness (58 eps) [subs]:
Hateful But Once Again (24 eps) [subs]: rambutan
Hello Franceska (52 eps):
Hello God / How are you Mr. God! (16 eps): rabbit0900, mannymo
Hello My Teacher / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (16 eps): horndogbuddhist, rabbit0900, sabriyahm
High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth (165 eps):
H.i.T (20 eps): aaadramavr
Hometown Legends (8 eps) [subs]:
Honesty (16 eps): kimcheese, rabbit0900
Hong Gil Dong (24 eps + SP) [subs]: rambutan
Hot Tropical Nights in December (17 eps): apples, ghp, Jannah, leeunit
How to Meet A Perfect Neighbor (20 eps): melica37
Hwang Jin-Yi (20 eps):
Hyang Dan Story (2 eps):
Hyena (16 eps) [subs]:
If In Love... Like Them (4 eps) [subs]:
I'm Sorry, I Love You (16 eps): Access, apples, Chynkinese, darb, gEkO, Jannah, kalau, lilswtangel, MajidB, Misa, NineTails, ookamiki, rabbit0900, rlynxen, SCBet, scy, Shinigami, Silvestre, terrancelam, mannymo, dima
I'm Your Teacher / I am Sam (16 eps):
Immortal Lee Soon Shin (104 eps): melica37, aaadramavr
In-soon is Pretty (16 eps) [subs]:
Ireland (16 eps): h3rl1n4, Jannah, leeunit, mtlandis, nagai yasumi, rabbit0900, scy, |sUiZiD|
Kangjeok / Powerful Opponents (16 eps) [subs]:
Kingdom of the Wind / Book of Three Han (36 eps) [subs]:
Korea Secret Agency (16 eps): dima, rabbit0900, mannymo, dima
La Dolce Vita / Sweet Life / Bittersweet Life (24 eps) [subs]: rambutan
Last Scandal / Last Scandal of My Life (16 eps) [subs]: aaadramavr
Lawyers of Korea (16 eps) [subs]: Zealousy
Legend / The Four Gods (24 eps + 2 SP) [subs]: aaadramavr
Let's Go to School Sangdoo! (16 eps): aznkoodies, Chynkinese, iceberri, greenrocks, JenEm, kalau, lilswtangel, MoerkJ, NineTails, ookamiki, peachy, Pegasus, puccakiss79, rabbit0900, rlynxen, sabriyahm, seirin, stitch, |sUiZiD|, terrancelam, tokatu, yendao, yoda, mannymo
Let's Go To The Beach (14 eps): oldguy59
Life is Beautiful (16 eps): leeunit
Likeable or Not (172 eps):
Lobbyist (24 eps):
Love & Marriage (16 eps) [subs]:
Love Rollercoaster (34 eps): apples, leeunit, saigo_x
Love Story in Harvard (16 eps): chitato_80, darkrazor, gEkO, leeunit, martha, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, scy
Loveholic (16 eps [LQ][HQ]): LQ: Jannah, little tiger; HQ: AnKot, leeunit
Lover in Paris (20 eps): AnKot, Chynkinese, Genmai_cha, ghp, h3rl1n4, Jannah, kimcheese, mtlandis, ookamiki, rabbit0900, rlynxen, scy, Silvestre
Lovers (20 eps): elysse, rabbit0900
Loving You (12 eps): apples, leeunit, Jannah, kimcheese
Marrying a Millionaire (16 eps): rabbit0900, saigo_x, Tosca, yendao, mannymo
Match Made in Heaven (16 eps): apples, Jannah, leeunit
Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest (16 eps): Tosca
Modern Housewives (10 eps):
Mr. Goodbye (16 eps): rabbit0900
My Dad Loves Trouble (4 eps):
My Precious You / My Precious Child (54 eps):
My Sister-in-Law is 19 (16 eps): amru, ladyroake, Jannah, martha, rabbit0900, mannymo
My Sweet Seoul (16 eps) [subs]:
My Too Perfect Sons (54 eps):
My Woman (24 eps) [subs]:
Naneun Dalrinda / Breathless (16 eps): dawawa, Jannah, JenEm, leeunit, miriko, mtlandis, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, dima
New Heart (23 eps):
Nine-Tailed Fox (16 eps): bLaCkNbLuE, crazyjnx, darkrazor, horndogbuddhist, leeunit, martha, nagai yasumi, noriblue, phantom1019, rabbit0900, scy
Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young (16 eps [HQ] [LQ]): HQ: apples, darkrazor, horndogbuddhist, leeunit, MoerkJ, rabbit0900, snowangel414, terrancelam; LQ: Chynkinese, iceberri, Jannah, kalau, lilswtangel, mtlandis, NineTails, puccakiss79
On Air (21 eps) [subs]:
One Fine Day (16 eps): rabbit0900, SCBet
Only You (16 eps): dawawa, HazelNuit, Jannah, leeunit, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, mannymo
Person I Love / People in Love (20 eps) [subs]:
Piano (16 eps): rabbit0900, Tasuki
Please Come Back, Soon-ae (16 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm
Princess Lulu (20 eps): Jairick
Propose (14 eps): helikoppter, iceberri, kboy107, kimcheese, lilswtangel, missxmoody, NineTails, puccakiss79, seirin, stitch
Que Sera Sera (17 eps): rambutan
Queen of the Game (20 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm
Queen of Housewives (20 eps) [subs]: rambutan
Resurrection (24 eps): leeunit, rabbit0900, Tosca, mannymo
Return of Iljimae (24 eps) [subs]:
The Road Home (120 eps):
Robbers (16 eps) [subs]:
Rosemary (18 eps): Jannah, leeunit, MoerkJ, saigo_x
Rude Woman (18 eps): rabbit0900
Rules of Love (16 eps): rabbit0900, sabriyahm, Tasuki
Scale of Provedence (16 eps) [subs]:
Second Proposal (22 eps): leeunit
The Secret Lovers (20 eps): apples, dawawa, leeunit, rabbit0900, Tosca
Seo Dong Yo / Ballad of Seo Dong (55 eps): rambutan
She Is Back / Ice Girl (16 eps): oldguy59
Shin Don (61 eps) [subs]:
Single Papa in Love (16 eps) [subs]:
Smile Again (16 eps): rabbit0900
Snow Flower / Snowflakes (16 eps): rabbit0900
Snow in August (20 eps) [subs]:
Snow White / Taste Sweet Love (16 eps): Access, gEkO, HazelNuit, leeunit, LyLxFaLLiNsTaR
Soulmate (12 eps):
Splendor of Youth (75 eps):
Spotlight (16 eps) [subs]:
Star's Echo (1 ep):
Star's Lover (20 eps) [subs]: rambutan
Story of A Man / A Man's Story / The Slingshot (20 eps) [subs]:
Stranger Than Paradise (16 eps): rabbit0900
Summer Scent (20 eps) :: rabbit0900
Strongest Chil Woo (20 eps) [subs]:
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (18 eps):
Sweet 18 (16 eps [LQ] [HQ]): LQ: aznfudd, aznkoodies, dawawa, greenrocks, iceberri, Janice, Jannah, lilswtangel, Pegasus, rlynxen, rabbit0900, scy, |sUiZiD|, mannymo; HQ: Access, apples, Chynkinese, gEkO, kalau, MoerkJ, NineTails, pookie, Scyth3r, seraphiney, Shinigami, terrancelam
Taerung's National Village (4 eps):
Tazza (21 eps) [subs]:
Tell Me You Love Me (15 eps):
Terms of Endearment (70 eps):
That Fool / Accidental Couple (16 eps) [subs]:
Thousand Years of Love (20 eps): Access, deelow, leeunit, Misa, MoerkJ, mtlandis, NineTails, ookamiki, rabbit0900, scy
Three Dads, One Mom (16 eps) [subs]:
Tokyo Showers (4 eps) [subs]:
Tree of Heaven / Heaven's Tree (10 eps): Jannah, Néa Vanille, SCBet
The Vineyard Man (16 eps):
War of Money (16 eps + 4 Bonus eps) [subs]:
The Water Bloom (26 eps): apples, Jannah, leeunit
Wedding (18 eps): apples, ladyroake, leeunit, milleu87, rabbit0900, sabriyahm
What's Up, Fox? (16 eps): melica37, rabbit0900, sabriyahm
When It's at Night (17 eps): rambutan
When Spring Comes (16 eps): rabbit0900, mannymo
Who Are You? (17 eps) [subs]:
Windy City (156 eps):
Witch Amusement/Witch Yoo-Hee (16 eps): amru
Women in the Sun (20 eps) [subs]:
Wonderful Life (16 eps): Access, apples, bLaCkNbLuE, dawawa, gEkO, Jannah, leeunit, milleu87, rabbit0900, sabriyahm, SCBet, snowangel414, TragicKingdom, mannymo
Worlds Within (16 eps) [subs]: ooyoo
Yi San (77 eps) [subs]:
You Are My Life/Destiny (178 eps):

Jem Torrents

Beautiful Days (24 eps): aNTok, apples, dawawa, elmapa, ghuor, iceberri, lilswtangel, MoerkJ, nanda, NineTails, ookamiki, puccakiss79, saigo_x, SaNine, Scyth3r, stitch, tai8318, timbits, Yoshi8
Bright Girl's Success (16 eps): Access, aznkoodies, elmapa, iceberri, in-sung, Jannah, Kai Lien, lilswtangel, MoerkJ, nanda, ookamiki, stitch
Loving You (16 eps): kboy107, MoerkJ, nanda, NineTails, pikablueey, puccakiss79, Scyth3r, stitch, tai8318
My Fair Lady (24 eps): apples, sabriyahm
Sunlight Upon Me (20 eps): leeunit

updated 2009.11.24
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Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Oct 3rd, '09, 05:45

Okay, I finally finished going through all the torrents and updating the list of eligible series. :dance:
The list may not be as pretty (and informative) as it used to be, but it's in a format that's much faster to update and keep track of in the future. :whistling:
And hopefully, the seeders already listed are still capable of volunteering... :fear:
As always, if you see a mistake, let me know and I will correct it.

Updated series without volunteers are in red, and those are the ones we need the most (beacuse an AWFUL lot of activity has gone on since the last update... :blink)
Remember, the diversity of the polls are directly related to how many ppl volunteer to seed. If you can help seed a series (any series!), please post in this thread!

Alright, let's get this ball rolling!

Note: The next real poll where this info will be used will be for the month of November. We'll work out something else for this month (October). For details, check out what's going on here:

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Post by melica37 » Oct 3rd, '09, 06:12

Sign me up for How to Meet A Perfect Neighbor and Immortal Lee Soon Shin :)

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Post by aaadramavr » Oct 6th, '09, 00:15

I would be able to seed:
9 End 2 Outs
Bad Couple
Beethoven Virus
Capital Scandal
City Hall
The Devil / Mawang
East of Eden
Immortal Lee Soon Shin
Last Scandal / Last Scandal of My Life
Legend / The Four Gods

I have others in red on the list after these that I will add later (too much copy/paste for now)

Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Oct 6th, '09, 03:31

^ Great! Thanks guys!

Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Oct 24th, '09, 03:54

Updated with one more series....
Still looking for ppl to help volunteer... :(

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Post by ooyoo » Oct 24th, '09, 04:04

I can help seed:

Boys Over Flowers
Coffee Prince
Worlds Within

Just say when *^_^*

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Post by rambutan » Oct 24th, '09, 04:39

I can help seed:
City Hall
Hateful But Once Again
Hong Gil Dong
La Dolce Vita
Que Sera Sera
Queen of Housewives
Star's Lover
When It's At Night

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Post by morserachel » Oct 24th, '09, 04:42

I'll help with
Scale of Providence
La Dolce Vita and
Kingdom of the Wind.

Can seed a few other series too but giving a chance to all the other members to help out.

Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Oct 28th, '09, 03:50

woohoo! thanks for the volunteers!
I'll update the thread again this weekend when I've got more time. :)

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Post by samane » Nov 24th, '09, 05:43

i want to download stranger than paradise ..
please seed

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Post by EMMX » Nov 27th, '09, 14:34

Add me for Coffee Prince, i will be seeding...

Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Nov 30th, '09, 04:44

^ thanks! :)

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Post by evenstarr » Dec 17th, '09, 19:20

Hi, i can seed Cloud Stairway (batch)

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Post by Zealousy » Dec 28th, '09, 09:25

I can seed Women In The Sun, Star's Lover, Soulmate, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, Love & Marriage and Fireworks. I'm in the process of getting a batch up for Hyena so I can seed that once it's up.
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator
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Post by Ethlenn » Dec 29th, '09, 17:54

I can seed Hwang Jin Yi:)

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Post by Fantastical » Feb 23rd, '10, 18:52

I am seeding Evasive Inquiry Agency Complete batch!

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Post by Fantastical » Feb 23rd, '10, 18:54

I want to do Hello Francesca BUt I have to get them first. I am making room on my harddrive so I can start seeding I have done more than my share of leeching. Time to give back to this community

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Post by nurfatin » Jun 21st, '11, 05:44

i can seed Return of Iljimae :)

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