How to get someone interested into you and reading signs.

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How to get someone interested into you and reading signs.

Post by Vilai » Oct 31st, '10, 08:36

Okay the first one seems unlikely to do but feedback on anything is welcomed. The second part is more of a story, so grab a seat.
In a junior college taking some general education classes. So class got canceled and i was waiting for my brother to get out, i was sitting and then i saw a girl from my class come around the corner. I dunno how i would describe it, i thought about her a lot even though we only talked once before, there was this one class thing where we had to identify veggies, she asked if it was taro root, and i said i think so, and some small talk about the assignment. I guess its a crush... There was this other time when we turned in a test she turned in slightly before but as i was going up to the front she was heading back our eyes met for a second and we both turned back quickly. (I know this was nothing just like walking passed people in a hallway). So like i said i saw her then she saw me. She waved, i waved back. Then she began to come my way. She asked if i knew class was canceled i said yeah. She introduced herself first, we shook hands like in a formal way. (which i thought was a little weird people don't usually introduce like this anymore, well at least here usually with guys i give a nonformal handshake and girls we just share names) i introduced myself. I tried to pronounce her name, she says "wow people usually take like three or for times to get it right" We said our goodbyes, she walks away, turns around and comes back and says "what your name again?" I laugh a little told her and we part again. Moments later i forgot how to pronounce her name. Which leads to our next meeting two days later, I mispronounce her name, and feel stupid. Like i said before we don't talk to each other in class no different today, but i felt kinda down because i mispronounced her name and she leaves early today so i didn't get a chance to say sowwy :-( When the next week in class, i waved to her in a kidish way, it was probably because i was a little giddy, shy, and nervous you know the common symptoms with crushes. She asked what we did in class when she left i blanked out, and ask my friend in front of me. Well it seemed like most of us forgot, and me and her had a little laugh at how many people it went through to get the answer. Two days later at the end of class she asked me if i knew what/if i went to International club is, i replied no, i asked when she said now. I couldn't go that day so we parted again. I decided i was going next week for sure I asked her she told me where but i didn't get the time, last time she said it was going on as class got out but we get out at fluctuating times, give or take ten minutes. So now im a little anxious we didn't have class this week on the day of the club meeting, so i just went there, sat in the lobby because i didn't no where the class was at. I saw a bunch of people walking into a room i asked if this was the club they said yes and i went in. So i saw her and there was one open seat next to her, but not sure if someone was sitting there. Also we don't know each other very well so i didn't want to make it awkward.
Well club was about transferring to college pretty boring stuff. She looked back one time we saw each other again and waved. So the seat next to her was not empty some guy was sitting there, and i noticed they talked some on that day. At the end she said something like "glad you found it, I don't have your number so i couldn't tell you where it was." more small talked after. She kept talking to a group of Chinese people after club ended. I was waiting a little to see if she was leaving, but she wasn't so i just left. A few moments later i felt pretty bad, because it feels like i lost the fight already. I was also thinking if the number thing was a hint or just trying to be nice. So we talked again next class about club a little i asked if she could introduce me to some people she said sure, some small talk after. We walked a little after class got to know each other a little better. the day of club she was leaving i asked her if she was going she said well its a little late (like 15 mins late) i said something like "well you got some thing better?" to do and she said "yeah the project" we had a little laugh. She asked if i really wanted to go i said sure. so we went talked a little learned a little about her. couldn't really pick up anything about how she feels about me. went to club i went in first, she had a call.
So we late, i sit down by the asians, she comes in a little after, sits next to me probably cause i sat next to the people she talks to. She introduced me to some people and after that we didn't really talk. She was talking to that other guy a lot too they are both Chinese and Im Laos so i feel like if this was a battle im already losing. After class i asked for her number "for the project" I don't know if she gave it to me cause of the project or if she felt obliged to or if she is feeling me. I texted her yesterday, asking about the project she didn't have a clue about what to do. So i asked her if she is in San Jose, she said "wait i told you?" i said yeah on Wednesday. she said "omg yeah i am. well you should work on the project so i can ask you when i get stuck haha" I said well have fun i'll see what i can do. To me it seemed like she was trying to get rid of me, but i also think she just wants to hang with her friends that she is visiting in SJ.
Well thats my story, am i over thinking this? Is she feeling me or is she just being nice? Yeah im sorry everybody its a mess of text, but i appreciate you folk who will read it. Thanks everybody for any feedback even it is tl;dr I can relate :lol

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Post by iluvasiandrama » Jun 20th, '11, 17:36

This is waaay too long to read it hurts my eyes.

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