Do you like earrings on guys?

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Do you like guys with earring?

I don't mind
I don't mind
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Post by dabogy » Jul 15th, '09, 02:45


i dont appreciate guys wearing earings, its because i dont appreciate it.

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Post by denshao4 » Sep 22nd, '10, 20:03

azndgn26 wrote:I'm very picky so it depends on the kind of earring, where it's pierced, amount of piercings, and if it looks good on u.
The location makes a big difference for me. The traditional ear lobe location is fine. Any other location bothers me.

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Post by JaJe » Sep 26th, '10, 17:45

I don´t mind if he has a earring. I even don´t mind if he has a belly piercing. If it looks sexy on him, then I´m OK with it. :roll

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Post by kissmyarse » Sep 26th, '10, 18:15

guys with earrings are so gay!

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Post by csillibilli112 » Sep 26th, '10, 18:22

kissmyarse wrote:guys with earrings are so gay!
nooo that not true!!!! :blink

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Post by Katschoo » Sep 30th, '10, 10:23

well, if i´t matches his style it can look very good.

but please, no pearls or other glittering things :mrgreen:

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Post by freedomtaken » Oct 6th, '10, 06:48

Go for it. Piercing's on guys are so attractive . Although it is completely subjective to whether subject suits it.

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Post by DarkCatalest » Jan 5th, '11, 17:44

I think earrings suit some guys but not all. I don't mind if guys where earrings as long as its done tastefully.

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Post by Kyon » Jan 8th, '11, 17:58

When I was younger and I saw guys with earrings I'd immediately think PIRATE!!

But now I like guys with diamond studs or little hoops, just as long as both ears are pierced. Just one earring looks weird

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Post by gitarooqueen » Apr 24th, '11, 23:29

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Post by curlywurly » Apr 28th, '11, 03:29

If you look like a pretty boy celebrity with a funky hairdo, sure, go ahead, you can also say hi to that vagina you're growing.

In general, for me, guys with earrings, a big no no.

Now, tattoos on the other hand.............

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Post by sayapikun » Aug 5th, '11, 06:46

I grew up with a theory that only girls wearing earrings, so earrings = girls...
boys with earrings = disguise?
ahaha... ^^;
I just don't like it... Every time I see boys with earrings, I just want to rip the earrings off

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Post by avieamber » Aug 5th, '11, 07:06

I don't mind, actually. Some guys look good with them :lol But minimal is good, not the overdone type though.

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Post by moadeep » Dec 22nd, '11, 12:14

Depends on the guy. I've seen guys who looked silly with earrings, like wannabe pirates. I've also seen guys with gauged ears who looked hot. A lot of it is attitude I think, not all guys have the attitude to pull it off.

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Post by moochi2000 » Dec 30th, '11, 04:57

I wouldn't mind. As long as it looks hot! lol.

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Post by 2kwik2can » Feb 20th, '13, 14:12

Hmmmmm...I don't really mind earrings on a guy as long as it looks good on him & as long as he doesn't have more than 1 or 2 earrings on him.

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Post by noobs » Feb 20th, '13, 14:38

i dont mind

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Post by fleetingheart » Jul 14th, '13, 09:31

I think piercing on earlobes and cartilage are fine, but too many piercings just gives off a very cheap feeling. Not very attractive to some girls, I would suppose.

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Post by charia-chan » Jul 14th, '13, 09:38

I love it when guys wear earrings.
I can't help it, I need to watch them. It really gets my attention.

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