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Korean Actors/Actresses Forum Rules

Post by Ethlenn » Apr 21st, '11, 18:10

Purpose of the threads:
1. First of all - to express your opinion on a certain actor/actress. Delight, kyaa, scorn and disappointment alike.
2. Posting news, even rumors (when doing so, please state that this only a rumor, don't create false panic among ladies/gents here) or fan-art is welcome.

Rules to keep it cool:
1. Absolutely NO spamming.
2. Posting pictures is OK, but have in mind that big pictures slow down other users computers. This is why we have some devilish device here called "tags" (those grey rectangles just above the writing window). On the far right you have "spoiler'. Click on it once - it will open the inside of the spoiler. Click after putting the links to the images, and this will close it.
It will look like this:
3. No hotlinking. There are many free hosting services, so please use it. Don't steal other people's bandwidth.
4. Don't make multiple posts one after another. Trust me, there is no award given to users with a certain amount of posts. Plus it's annoying. Use "edit" button instead.
5. Please don't write whole post in capitals or in bold and large letters. Those are editorial tricks. When you want to stress something, this comes in handy.

Rules to create a proper actor/actress thread:
1. Name of the actor/actress in the title of the topic.
2. Small picture of the described person.
3. Biogram (including movies, dramas, MVs etc.)
*Note - do not start a topic on someone with just an info that this person is your favorite actor. Good thing you like him/her, but present him/her so that others may know who are you speaking about.

Good topic:
/picture of Lee Junki/
Name: 이준기 / Lee Joon Ki (Lee Jun Gi)
Profession: Actor, model and singer
Birthdate: 1982-Apr-17
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Talent agency: JG Company Inc.
TV Shows:
bla bla
Bla bla
bla bla
Awards, MVs, and all that is up to you, but the most important thing is to give some info on the person.

Bad topic:
"I don't know if you love Lee Jun Ki as much as me ~*^o^*~. He's the cutest guy ever! I saw him in (...) and I simply looooooove him. ~ swoooooon~~~~"


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