Need 1 sentence translated q.q

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Need 1 sentence translated q.q

Post by Engelchen18 » Oct 4th, '10, 13:19

anyone know what He Ge said on minute 1:19-1:20?

He Ge: why?
Wallece: Earth pearl
He Ge: ????? (what he say there?) (It soundsl like what dula)[/url]

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Post by karrontu » Dec 7th, '10, 21:56

from what I heard I thnk he said "I was right" or something =P , wo duai la... I think not 100% certain

Conner MacDermott
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Post by Conner MacDermott » Mar 9th, '11, 15:26


karrontu, sorry to correct you, but there is no "duai" in Chinese. Maybe, in dialects. But the youtube video shows the artists speaking in accented mandarin perfectly.

What 胡歌 (hu ge) said at 1:19 is 我哭了 (wo ku le), which means I am crying. Think of it as having tears flow when laughing too hard. Moreover, he did use his hand to mimick crying.

Ok. A old thread, but nevertheless, mistakes should be corrected.

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