How do girls want to be treated by guys?

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Post by huycha04 » Nov 29th, '09, 06:50

I think girls liked to be treated like a princess.
spoil them and they will feel you care for them

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Post by PorcelainDoll » Aug 19th, '10, 02:54

i like a guy that knows how to make me laugh like many girls do. treat me with respect. i hate when most guys play games. always have to be honest. there is no reason to lie, because then i will doubt you after everything you said. must be taller than me teehee..he deffinetly has to be sweet but knows when to be serious. hugs are a must have xD i like when i'm held by my waist.

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Post by PorcelainDoll » Aug 19th, '10, 02:55

miss_illusive wrote:girls like to be treated with respect ... don't like being lied to or used...

if you don't like the girl tell them don't hold it in long until it will actually hurt more if you said it earlier

don't use girls because their girls ... want them for them not their looks or their butt or chest

don't talk to ur friends about intimate moments you had with your girl and show off ...

do sweet things that you think about yourself ...not something you get from a website ...

if you love the girl say you love them ...

hugging a girl from behind is their weakest point ...^^ [[well it's mine ]]

talk to a girl ...if you feel that there's a problem don't just leave it the way it is ... because if there isn't communication or trust in the relationship then it's not a relationship...

don't ignore a girl in front of ur friends ...they hate that it's like you don't have pride or they're a shame or you're just trying to act as if your a playa playa =______=

and NO girls aren't like those booty girls in the videos ...they like to be treated with respect and don't yell stupid comments like "i'd tap that" or "oooo mammi"

o and don't talk about ur ex-es and stuff...same goes for girls

:lol i couldn't of said it better myself :thumleft:

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Post by akefuyung » Sep 22nd, '10, 06:18

okay so far I'm very confused on this situation. I'm a gentleman myself when it comes to women. I've fallen in love with this woman I've open the door for her when she gets in my car. I've done everything gentleman like. I've come to the point where I wanted to go steady with her. She turned me down. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Now from my friends perspective they said I'm being way too nice for her coming from me I think it was just common courtesy to open the door for a lady or let her wait inside the building and pull the car up to the door so the woman will not get wet. I honestly don't know. I even waver my eyes from staring at her chest too long as well even though does have a beautiful figure. Am I being too over whelming for the lady? I really do like her a lot and I've done a lot to get her attention it just seems as though she doesn't see my nature.

Now on the other hand there are ladies that I want to approach but when I do go up to them they assume my nature is to get in their panties. I'm sorry ladies but some do have a tendency of prejudging men like me about that. I just don't really understand about it. Maybe it's my neighborhood where I live but I've traveled the States and it all just seems the same. It's like some guys out there do ruin it for the rest of us. But I'm quite handling like a man. If ones girl doesn't seem to want to know I'll go to the next.

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Post by JiveTalkinRobot » Sep 23rd, '10, 07:01

Ake - shes probably not attracted to you...I could be wrong....but thats what it sounds like.

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Post by justguess » Oct 3rd, '10, 16:43

hm, hugs from behind? i prefer to be the one to hug from behind, lol.
well, in my case i like to hug alot, and i like it when the guy is a bit dorky and when he talks to me about his interests/hobbies... i sorta like those otaku-ish guys who are into pokemon or dragon ball and when they talk about it it's really endearing when they guy is so passionate about sth or very into sth.
i don't really like it when the guy acts like he's all that or when he thinks he can get every girl and so on, i just ignore those type of guys.
i like it when the guy isn't sexist and treats me as an equal as him and not like a 'stupid girl who doesn't know how to use an xbox' or anything similar.

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Post by devils2l » Oct 11th, '10, 15:43

Yeow! How do girls (women) want to be treated? How about like people? This seems pretty universal. Seems it never gets mentioned though....

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