Need advice regarding accommodations in Tokyo

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Need advice regarding accommodations in Tokyo

Post by Argentumfeles » Nov 6th, '09, 11:16

I'm planning another trip to Japan in 2010, and want to stay in Tokyo for the entire time. If you want, you're able to get halfway the country anyways by Shinkansen in a reasonable time.

I can arrange flight & hotel through very few travel agents from the Netherlands and I don't want to stay at the same place I stayed before.

I'm playing with the idea to book my own flight and hotel without a travel agent in between.

Does anyone have experience with booking hotels in Tokyo directly at the Hotel website? I've seen most have reservation systems, though they are not always clear how the process works.

Does anyone have experience with the JapanICan website? Are there any other booking websites I can safely use from my country that have a wide range of hotels to choose from?

Thanks a lot for any advice you can give me/ share experiences!

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Post by aimlesswanderer » Nov 13th, '09, 06:48

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Post by Forkboy » Nov 15th, '09, 05:32

Here's a comprehensive site that I use: . There's info on flights, hotels, and you can find free local tour guides in the friends section.

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Post by rika-ika » Dec 15th, '09, 13:37

Most of the time I´ve been in Tokyo I stayed at the Sakura-Hostel in Asakusa ( ), the staff´s speaking perfekt english, hotel clean&cheap, computer/televsion/telefon/ nice breakfeast (as much as you can eat&drink) available.
I´ve heard good things about this one too, but haven´t stayed there

I´ve been traveling in Japan for about one month and did the booking myself. Someyears before I also did a tour with a travel agent, which was not so good. The Lonely Planet Japan Guide was very helpfull, the new edition has some good hotel/hostel (incl. websites). If you do it yourself you can better chuse which price and where.

And sometimes it´s nice to see the reaction of the staff if the didn´t expect a "gaijin" and go running for someone with rudimental english skills ^_^ - even better if you can tell them you understand japanese and won´t need the hotel manager or whoever else the found to communicate with you (happened to me in a rather expensive hotel in Shimoda)

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Post by Phearsome » Feb 12th, '10, 08:04

Haha I stayed at the same hotel in asakusa, Yea it was pretty good, but while I was there all the people that stayed there just stayed in the lobby I swear. I leave in the morning and see them, and come back i see them there still.

When I went I booked my flight through expedia for like 900 bucks while my friend went to travel agents and got them for 1000ish.

All the hotels we booked we found them online manually and booked them using the online website. No problems when I arrived there.

The Japanican website I booked 2 hotels through the website no problem. Once again when I arrived there was no error.

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Post by Alecsa-chan » Jun 29th, '10, 09:30

I recommend Toyoko Inn. It's a chain of business hotels, their reservation system works just fine and you can find the hotels everywhere in Tokyo lol. I found their prices resonable and they even made us a discount in the second week of staying there!

I stayed at two Toyoko Inn hotels: the one in Ikebukuro and the one in Minami-Shinagawa, both very cosy&clean and efficient staff.

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Post by arakira » Jun 29th, '10, 09:32

Check out Emirates flights to tokyo. They have special discounted prices for people younger than 30. I got a flight for less then 600 € in April.
I went on a round trip all down to okinawa and back and i didn't book any hotels in advance. My japanese is only on a beginner's level but i had no troubles whatsoever. If you're late or you can't find a place, you can always stay at a net-cafe and start looking for a place the next day ;)
If you like it cheap and clean, you should check this one out:

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