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Did anybody get a virus while visiting aja-aja.com recently?

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Did anybody get a virus while visiting aja-aja.com recently?

Post by Pikachule1 » Nov 13th, '09, 20:05

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I think I saw another similar post back in July.

I'm a big fan of kdramas and have downloaded a lot of them thanks to the aja-aja.com website.

However, when I went there recently (a couple of weeks ago), while the homepage was being loaded, it appeared at the bottom of my browser screen as if something is being downloaded from a large number of websites, one after another (waiting for http://.......).

Within 30 seconds, I was infected with a virus that popped up one of those fake "anti-virus" programs that proceeded to quickly infect many ".exe" files on my hard drive.

There was no way to get rid of that vicious virus other than re-installing Windows.

I haven't dared to go back to the site since that incident. A message sent to Myaigoo@gmail.com went unanswered, as a PM left here for Puela (who seems to be affiliated to that website).

Does anybody know somebody who has had the same problem? And is the website safe to visit now?


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Post by Jav_sol » Nov 13th, '09, 21:18

I go there regularly (including today) and nothing pops up. I've had no issues. I use Firefox.

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Post by hoalan » Nov 13th, '09, 22:12

The website owners have nothing to do with all these virus attacks. Popular (high traffic) websites are usually targeted by these evil people for various reasons.

Don't be afraid of these attacks. If it happens, don't click on anything don't respond just immediately unplug the internet connection. Wait for about 5 minutes then reconnect.
There shouldn't be any problems.

If your computer is already infected then keep it off the internet, save on disks what you want to keep (including address of all your sites of interest). After this, just run the installation process (Operating System disk, Drivers and Utilities disk, etc...whatever disks needed for your computer to function as before). Don't forget to update your computer until it says there's no more update.

This should take a few hours and your computer will be as good as new.

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Post by melonyhappy » Nov 13th, '09, 23:59

I haven't gotten anything, but then again I'm using firefox (w/ ad blockers) +avast antivirus+spybot. I noticed that with megaupload, sometimes the pop up ads (well I don't see them anymore for some reason) they have a "virus" attached to it. I only notice when my antivirus or spybot (I forgot which) warned me and advised me to stopped my internet connection to that ad.

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Post by Sawada_makino » Nov 14th, '09, 00:04

I didn't go there

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Post by leesja » Nov 14th, '09, 00:23

I have downloaded dramas from aja-aja recently & have for years with no problems.

I mainly use my mac to download & am not affected by the virus' that attack PCs,

but when I do use a PC I use firefox with no issues.

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Post by J-Pooh » Nov 14th, '09, 01:02

I had the same problem while using IE. It frightened me (I already had experienced a vicious attack from an unsavory site - not Aja - and it caused me to re-do my operating system - a major pain in the neck.)

Anyhoo, from a topic called something like AjA Site Under Attack, I've kept just the advice part of those postings there that I I found helpful (sorry, except for groink, I wasn't diligent in noting who posted).


"I've been going there several times already for a week and nothing like that has happened to me yet. I have Firefox with Adblock Plus add-on, which I think solves the problem for me. :]"

"But, like tsurashi313, I am using Firefox with AdBlockPlus installed and enabled. Hmmm. But yeah, it looks like ABP is blocking 5 items."

"I'm okay because I'm using an anti script program and it stops anything that try to pop up or re direct unless I enable it too.....you guys should try anti script programs for the browser you use. "

"Yea I use Firefox... and it fails to block pop-up's at Aja-aja. Yea there are some pop-up blocking software/ add-ons out there that can take care of this issue.. I also tried Google Chrome browser and that blocks them automatically too."

"I've mentioned this before from another post about problems with this site but it would really help you and your computer if you install the browser "Mozilla Firefox" if you don't have it and add the add-on "Adblock Plus" into Mozilla. Just go to their main site to get them and usually the problems will be gone. :]"

"I have no issues with the site. I get no pop-ups or ads. If you are using firefox, you might need adblock plus."

"Please use a pop-up blocker feature on your web browser before entering"

"I use NoScript and its blocks all the pop-ups on aja-aja."

"I'm on the aja-aja site now... don't see anything.. I do have Firefox + NoScript + Adblock Plus. "

"D-Addicts experienced this awhile ago. When you subscribe to an ad provider like AdBrite, you're subscribing to a catalog of ads. AdBrite does not deliver all the ads. Instead, it takes the visitor's browser to other sites. Once my web browser hit adbrite.com, it took me to the following additional sites:


That was back on July 11, and since then you may have re-calibrated the settings that change those results. It may take days before you nail that one ad that contains the malware. The way most advertisers deliver ads is by using a hash value of some kind. As long as the same hash is being used during the session, the visitor will be stuck with a certain set of ads. Once the hash is reset, then a new set may be assigned. This is why some users may never see the bad ad, while others run into it every single time.

With that, in your testing, I would suggest you quit the browser, re-run the browser, flush the temporary cache, delete all of your cookies, and THEN try visiting the site again. Then hopefully the hash is reset, and a new set of ads will be delivered.
--- groink

I took groink's advice but it turned out to be a temporary situation (everytime I visited Aja's site I had to immediately clean out my browsing history). I converted from IE to Firefox about a month ago (and installed the Ad Block plus) and have been a happier camper since.

I hope my info helps.

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Post by Pikachule1 » Nov 14th, '09, 02:32

Thanks for the advice, I installed Firefox with Adblock, and could go to the site without any problem.

But I tried IE8 again, with maximum popup blocking, and the bottom of the screen is still showing websites being accessed like crazy one after another in rapid sequence, in the background (even though there are no popups). What a scary thing to see!

Wonder what's the difference that IE is trying to access those websites in the bacground, but not Firefox...

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Post by krayfi » Nov 14th, '09, 09:27

I use google chrome and so far no problem. When I was using firefox, no problems either 8)

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