Tokiwa Takako in SF, CA premiere of 20th Century Boys Videos

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Tokiwa Takako in SF, CA premiere of 20th Century Boys Videos

Post by surpur » Aug 21st, '09, 03:08

Last weekend 8/15/2009 was the premiere of "20th Century Boys" in San Francisco. This was combined with the opening of the "New People Building" that houses several stores that are Jpop and Anime related, as well as a movie theatre.
Tokiwa Takako - from "Beautiful Life" etc. was there to open both events and I got some nice closeup video shots plus an autograph from her. :cheers:

To ribbon cutting ceremony 0:33

To film premiere 2:21

Takako indroduces 20th century boys movie 10:00

Breaking Sake barrel 1:08

Inspecting stores in "New People1" 0:22

Inspecting stores in New People2 1:18

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Post by garnet07 » Aug 25th, '09, 05:31

Haha, I just watched both Part 1 and 2 of 20th Century Boys yesterday. It's an awesome movie. Especially, all the mindboggling mystery behind who "Friend" is. Got so addicted to the story that I read the last volume of the manga and 21st Century Boys. Hmm, still don't really know who "Friend 2" is though. Too many faces and names I don't recognize.
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