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Post by jellybean » May 7th, '09, 15:09

Hello all!

I have decided to buy JR EAST pass for my July trip as I want to visit Kyoto. Seeing as the JREAST pass I will purchase will last for 7 days - I guess I can spend the 3 non JRpass days in Tokyo. So for the other 7 days...I need a really great itinerary..

The problem is - I don't just want to see Kyoto - I would like to do a day trip somewhere else like Hiroshima (the guy I am going with is a historical buff).

Things I would like to do:

- authentic onsen - not laqua style.
- historical interesting things
- really cool cultural Japanese sightseeing\participation - NON POP CULTURE!
- beach

I have been to TOKYO twice now and HAVE to (against my will.....) go again to show my friend around. So I do not need to know the wheres and the hows of Tokyo.

I have been to Yokohama before without the JR PASS ...but does the pass go there I only went to Yokohama for a day...I am supposing with the beach there and Chinatown (which was amazing) ...will 1 day be enough! Therefore if anyone has an alternative beach I can go to using JREAST pass - please recommend.

I have had experiences of booking hostels in TOKYO before so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem this time around...however are there good hostels if I do go on a 2 day trip to Hiroshima...

Sorry guys, I just really need help with my itinerary. The person I am going with has never been to East Asia before, is on the other side of the world during the booking process and so need a helping hand because I know you guys are experts (I posted here about a trip to Tokyo years ago!)

Yeah and we're doing things on the cheap - no hotels, expensive restaurants for us!

Thanks guys.

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Post by aimlesswanderer » May 8th, '09, 09:01

You mean a full JR pass? I don't think the East pass will get you from Tokyo to Kyoto. The West pass should get you around Kyoto and to the west.

Spend a few days in Kyoto, there are some great temples in the east, the main attractions (Kiyo mizu dera, San ju san etc), are fairly close together with a bunch of great souvenir shops on the way to Kiyomizudera..

A full day trip to Nara will give you enough time to see the main sites there.

Hiroshima has the a bomb memorials and, nearby, Miyajima, a very picturesque island full of temples and feral deer. You could easily spend a whole day on Miyajima.

There is a fantastic castle in Himeji, conveniently close to the main JR station. We only stopped there for a few hours to see the castle.

The JNTO has lots of info
You may also want to get a free guide, at least for some of the days. Ours were all enthusiastic and helpful. ... s_a-n.html

Have fun!

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Post by dude_wit_gun » May 8th, '09, 10:04

If your referring to Himeji castle i got some bad news it should be shut for renovations from now till 2014 :(

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