Titles in Vietnamese

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Titles in Vietnamese

Post by MaiMunky » Dec 19th, '07, 08:50

Its getting frustrating that I cannot find the Vietnamese name for certain dramas because I'd like to share them with my mother as well because before I started searching for dramas to watch online, I'd always watch it Viet dubbed. I prefer watching them with english subtitles but her english skills aren't that great. If you guys could help me if you know the Vietnamese translation for these dramas it'd help since my direct translation of it into Vietnamese may not be the same that they use.

I need the Vietnamese names for:

Chinese Paladin
Fairy From Wonderland
Just Love
Love Letter
Sweet 18
Love Story in Harvard
Autumn in my Heart
Smile Again

Also, if anyone has any websites that have Vietnamese dubbed dramas, would you be kind enough to share? I'd greatly appreciate it.

And if anyone has any other titles they need or any suggestions for dramas to watch, I'd also like to know.

Thank you.

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Post by Puppet Princess » Dec 19th, '07, 09:33


Pretty good source for viet dubs. They could probably help with the names as well.

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Post by j4v.fansub » Dec 19th, '07, 10:39

Love Story in Harvard
Tên tiếng Việt là: CHuyện tình ở Harvard. Tui chỉ biết cái phim này... Mấy cái kia đành nhờ ai khác vậy!!!

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Post by fruitycandy000 » Apr 17th, '09, 05:08

i think fairy from wonderland is: Thiên Ngoại Phi Tiên

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