nyaatorrents announce URL error?

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nyaatorrents announce URL error?

Post by furransu » Aug 27th, '11, 01:47

i'm getting this error message recently when creating torrents with nyaatorrents announce URL

"Failure: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker."

anyone know what's happening?

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Post by XrayMind » Aug 28th, '11, 18:18

2 reasons why you might that get that error.

1) Did you also upload copy of the torrent file to their tracker? Their torrent tracker is not really open tracker. They won't track your torrent, if they don't have a copy of your torrent file. This is the reason I have stop using their tracker. I don't want to upload the torrent file twice. One here at D-addicts and then again at Nyaa.

2) On their torrent upload page, they want people to use "http://open.nyaatorrents.info:6544/announce" has the URL for their tracker. It use to be "http://nyaatorrents.info:3277/announce". But again I haven't use Nyaa for awhile, so t don't know if the old URL is still working...

BTW, just use this list of OPEN trackers. Meaning that they don't need copy of your torrent file for them to track you torrent. Not all of them are online all of time. But enough them to tracker your torrent all of the time.
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