can I upload the same video twice?

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can I upload the same video twice?

Post by uglijimus » Aug 17th, '11, 11:45

Many people here didn't get the original Lincoln 8.2.11 I posted here a few weeks ago and I would reseed it but I got rid of it. I'm thinking about redownloading and creating a new torrent altogether. Am I allowed to do that?

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Post by peacht » Aug 18th, '11, 07:06

There's no real reason that you shouldn't do that but it would be better if the original upload was reseeded. You may not have the file but others will. Those people that want it can create a thread in the Seeding and Upload requests section.
If nobody is willing to step up to the request and you want to upload a new version then please delete the original thread.
Usually this process happens over a period of years rather than weeks but that may just reflect a trend in the way people approach sharing.
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