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Post by mayvind » Jul 23rd, '10, 19:21

Hi wondering why i was ban from forum, then unban, then ban again ? my i have to cloak my IP address to post it here :)

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Post by Herabignose » Jul 26th, '10, 17:52

I've been having this problem for a long time also, I can't even remember when... then suddenly one day I tried access d-addicts again and succeeded, then banned, then today I got in (didn't do anything, it just happened)... so I'm taking this chance to ask if there's a reason for this :( anything I can do?

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Post by peacht » Jul 27th, '10, 05:46

In rare circumstances it's necessary to ban an ip range.
If you have a dynamic ip and the ip you are allotted falls within this range then you will also be banned.
Most likely this has nothing to do with you or your actions.
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