Add subs from d-a to DVD? Read details for more, thanks.

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Add subs from d-a to DVD? Read details for more, thanks.

Post by cyradis » Jun 11th, '10, 14:32

Hi everybody, I'm new around here :) Sorry if there are similar problems posted already; I've searched but I didn't find any except for one where the user operates on Mac.

I've watched the first few episodes of Boys Over Flowers online (plenty of friends had fangirl-ed BOF to me last year but i didn't believe them! Gosh, i'm damn dumb to find out it's charm only now) and loved it to bits so I want to watch the rest in HD to better appreciate the drama. I discovered d-addicts but torrents just take too long to dl (approx 17h for 1 ep?) so I tried buying the DVD instead. Thing is, many of the stores around me have sold out their copies and the ones left are the ones which only provide Chinese subs. I'm too used to Eng subs already so listening to Korean audio while reading the Chinese meanings... feels super weird to me. I want to confirm a few things before buying that DVD.

How do I add the Eng subs from d-a to that DVD? I googled but there are too many methods out there; what's the fastest, requires the least number of software to install and inexpensive (free) method that you recommend? Are the subs from d-a suitable? It doesn't matter if the original Chinese subs are kept or not, after the process. I'm fine with both. I'm going to have to use a Windows XP laptop to add in the Eng subs before transferring the done videos into my Windows Vista PC for watching (my parents insist that I do all my installation work on the laptop so as to prevent destroying my PC) or burning them into disks again to watch on TV.

**Just some information. If you understand Chinese and don't mind Chinese subs, you can try installing Funshion to watch your movies/dramas/tv shows/etc. Their videos are very clear and they load fast. After you've finished watching, you can open the same video to watch at any time without having to buffer again. I think it's because as the video buffers, Funshion is also downloading it (wait, isn't buffering downloading?) into its library. Ugh, I can't explain this ._. Hope you get what I mean haha.


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