Can't login - phpBB Critical Error

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Can't login - phpBB Critical Error

Post by t0moe » Jun 3rd, '10, 18:37


First I wanna take the time to say thank you to the d-addicts Team. I love the site.

I created this user account, since I can't use my real one (doc_tomoe) anymore (for quite some time now).
I figured this may be the only way to communicate with any of the mods/admins here.

For the second time now, I suddenly can't use my account on the site anymore. When logging in there's always the same error: phpBB : Critical Error Could not locate valid language pack
So I can never actually log in.
Now, I'm quite sure I never changed my preferred language or something. English may not be my mother tounge but I still like using the forums in English, no problem.
I could just use this new account here and forget about the old one but since this now has happened twice with old accounts I guess it's just a matter of time until this will happen again.

Please help !

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