Have En subtl files but my video files have embedded Chinese

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Have En subtl files but my video files have embedded Chinese

Post by Fermandough » May 30th, '10, 18:55

I am a newbe to the world of subtitling in general, so I apologize in advance for asking what will probably be the dumbest questions you've seen in a while.javascript:emoticon(':P') But here goes...

I have downloaded the entire 'Jin' series via eMule after seeing 1 episode on NHK World in my hotel room (En Subs). (What a great series with such equally great actors!).

Problem is this. The only complete series/set of Jin I could find were with Chinese Subtitles embedded in the video. After downloading all Episodes from eMule & ep subtitles from D-Addicts and playing them together I have the English Subs being written right over the Chinese subs making them very hard to read.

VLC Player allows me to move them to the right and left but this does not help much.
MPlayer Classic doesn't use the .srt subtitle format (or I don't know how to make it do so).

I'm thinking I need to put my d-addict subs on an opaque background whick could be written over the Chinese subs (blotting them out wherever En subs need to be written) and I'd be OK. Unfortunately, I don't know if this can be done, or if this could be the only answer for placing the subs at the bottom of the screen where the Chinese subs are now.

Someone suggested that VLC should let me move them to the top of the page but I haven't been able to move in that direction. Although the top of the page is a less desirable place for them since a good portion of the frame would be taken up by subtitles when 2 lines are needed in Chinese & English.

I know getting the videos/episodes without any subs would be best but I have only found a few available. (And I already have ALL episodes with the Chinese Subtitles)

So any suggestions, instructions, input regarding how I can best solve this issue would be appreciated.

And 'Bless the FanSubers. For Theirs Will Be The Kingdom Of Heaven.'
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Post by Madoka » May 31st, '10, 01:50

MPC does use .srt and .ass files. I do it all the time.

In the options, under playback, make sure auto-load subtitles is checked.

In subtitles->default style, you can try to check opaque box. I've never tried this but it should do what you need.

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Post by peacht » May 31st, '10, 05:29

MPC may not be loading subs if you don't have vobsub/vsfilter installed.

I recommend CCCP, a codec/filter pack which has vsfilter bundled with it.

If it is loaded then you'll see a green arrow in the system tray, you can access the controls from there. Just changing the font colour may be enough to make it clear.
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Post by Fermandough » Jun 1st, '10, 00:24

Well Pick my Peachtes! ...that was fast! Domo Arigato y'all for the timely responses.

Had the Sub Autoload checkbox checked, but I need to go over everything, including services I have turned off to keep things 'Zen' and all, which may be effecting that dead engine that supports my subtitling in MPC. Then I'll try the CCCP filter pack. I believe I actually DL'd it recently from a site in Ru. It was called something like 'The Community Filter Pack or something like that if I'm not mistaken. Just have to find it in my Utilities Folder.

When that's taken care of, it will be on to the seeing if I indeed can change the font background to an opaque dark/or light color. ...that would be a real treat! I thought that idea was just a dream, but now I am encouraged by your thoughts that a bit of investigation could result in a fix.

Appreciate it folks! Will be back right after I either check the right box and fix it in a few minutes, ...OR, in frustration, burn my PC to the ground! And when from the ashes my Phoenix rises, it will start & finish building an 'All-Knowing' bigga-giga flop computer more powerful than the Pentagon's most envied, loaded with all the latest SW & Filters know on this planet, and I will sail the Net Sea with it back to this forum in 2 years or so, ...with the same questions! ... but this time - more pacified by much better meds in conjunction with what will become a very hypnotically relaxing cool blinking lights affect that 'GigZilla' will have on me.

Happy Memorial Day. May all your problems today become, tomorrow, ...just memories.

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