converting files to mp4 to play on apple TV

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converting files to mp4 to play on apple TV

Post by Hawaii35 » May 30th, '10, 08:55

hello everybody have a technical question that is extremely hard for me to figure out but I know there are people that are much smarter than I am that will probably think this is an easy fix.

some work fine but if i download a torrent from here and its already in mp4 format it wont work with itunes and I cant send to apple tv. itunes wont accept it.

Can someone please help?

thank you sincerly

Yumi ;)

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Post by XrayMind » May 30th, '10, 09:17

I jailbreak my AppleTV and install XBMC on it. It could be easy or hard to jailbreak AppleTV, really depending on your computer skill level. I also found out some thumbdrive won't autoboot on AppleTV, which important step/function that is critical in jailbreaking an AppleTV. Anywhere the follow link has more link on howto jailbreak AppleTV and install XBMC or Boxee on it. ... d=2&scid=6
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