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Searching for original uploaders at DA

Posted: May 16th, '10, 13:49
by Keiko1981
I'm search for Keyaki who uploaded Fuurin Kazan (2007) (English version) to D-Addicts.
I have PM her asking of permisson to make batches of the drama.
A while ago I did also try to post to the jdrama community at LJ asking if someone knew Keyaki there, but my post was denied by the moderators.
ap did also provide with episode 1-7 and groink with episode 17 and 35.

I'm also looking for neonkinpatsu (last online Sept 2006) original uploader of Konna Koi no Hanashi.
As the same asking if I may re-upload a batch file of the drama.
I see the torrents have been removed, but I don't know the reason for it.

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:11
by Ethlenn
According to rules here on DA, if you don't get the reply within 7 days, you can make a batch out of files from the original uploader.
I don't think you will contact groink anyway.
Take care!

Re: Searching for original uploaders at DA

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:14
by Sesam
I have found that many of the original uploaders are no longer active, or just don't care about replying. Unless you want to, I don't think you are required to do more effort tracking down the uploaders than sending them a message.

This is what the FAQ says anyway
1. batch creator (BC) should send a request to the original uploader (OU) notifying them of the intention to batch OU's series.

2. BC should inform a moderator that BC sent OU a request, and that BC will wait for a response.

3. if BC does not get a response after several weeks, notify the mod of what the situation is. given the time frame, whether the OU signs in or not, etc., the mod will probably allow BC to batch the series.

4. if BC receives permission, go ahead and batch the series (preferably using d-addicts as the tracker).

5. in the new batch Torrent Comments, the BC should do the following:
..... give credit to the original uploader
..... mention who gave BC permission (original uploader or mod, etc.) - this protects BC from having another mod delete the new batch torrent
..... include good comments about the series (or copy/paste it from the original uploads)
..... provide links to the original, single Torrent Comments
..... provide link to HOW TO USE BATCH TORRENTS
..... (a great example of good comments in a new batch torrent)

6. DO NOT include softsubs in your batch. instead, include a LINK to the softsubs thread. if the subs are ever edited in the thread, they cannot be edited in your batch. leave the RAWs as is, and include the softsub link in your Torrent Comments

7. after BC posts the batch, BC should use the REPORT button to notify mods that the single torrents should be removed ... and the original comments locked.

8. mods/admins: create a post with a link to the new batch torrent / comments / howtobatch. copy/paste this link to all of the old, single torrent comments. delete all the single torrents.

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:31
by Keiko1981
I did PM Keyaki and ap about Fuurin Kazan on Dec 16th 2009. Since I couldn't PM groink I replied to the thread Fuurin Kazan ep 17 - Full Version which he uploaded.

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:43
by Ethlenn
Ok, so it's been 6 months. Put the blame on me, but I would more likely make a batch, since no one answered.
Groink left DA some time ago. :mrgreen:

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:58
by Keiko1981
Ethlenn wrote:Ok, so it's been 6 months. Put the blame on me, but I would more likely make a batch, since no one answered.
Groink left DA some time ago. :mrgreen:
Okay, I got the ok from you about Fuurin Kazan.
Will probably be added after Gumiho Wehjun (which will be added when I'm done with Soul).
I have now PM:ed neonkinpatsu about Konna Koi no Hanashi.

Posted: May 21st, '10, 05:45
by peacht
Just to confirm what has been said. If you have made a reasonable attempt to contact the original uploader and had no response then you can go ahead.
When you post the batches make sure to credit the original uploader.
If batches are posted then the original uploads need to be removed, if you are not in contact with the person who posted them then please contact me so that I can remove them.

Posted: May 21st, '10, 09:42
by Keiko1981
Thank you for clarifying peacht. :)