Lets-Look sever problem

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Lets-Look sever problem

Post by Keiko1981 » May 11th, '10, 17:34

Is it just me having trouble getting to: http://www.lets-look.com/
I did get an e-mail a while ago where they wrote about deleteing cookies in FireFox.
I don't want to delete the cookies for all the pages so I have done the following in FireFox:
1. Menu: Tools -> Options...
2. Choose: "Privacy" tab, choose "Show cookies..."
3. Did a search for lets-look and deleted the cookies that were there.

Still I'm having trouble getting to the website.
I've also tried Internet Explorer (which I rarely use), I couldn't get the the site in that way either.

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Post by chokubi » May 12th, '10, 13:31

Looks like it was just a server hiccup. It's up and running already.

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