Iris 720p Video Lag

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Iris 720p Video Lag

Post by kc42878 » Apr 23rd, '10, 03:49

Every time I try to view a 720p Iris episode the audio is fine but the video is choppy and lags behind. I have watched many 720p videos before and I am only encountering this problem with Iris. I typically use VLC but I am getting this problem with every media player that I try. One thing I have notice is that the video runs smooth on Windows Media player but only if the subtitles are disable, if they are enabled it lags as well.

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Post by XrayMind » Apr 23rd, '10, 04:05

Your computer has just enough power to decode the 720p video and render it on your computer screen. Decoding audio doesn't use that much power. Then when it has to render the soft subtitles, meaning turning the subtitles into pictures and then overlay the pictures on top of the video, you computer just don't have enough power to all of those video tasks. If the 720p is hardsub, where the subtitles are pre-render and encoded with on to the video before hand, it is actually like watch raw video, since your computer don't have do the subtitle picture overlay part.
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Post by peacht » Apr 23rd, '10, 05:29

Have you tried kmplayer?
That's that only player I've found that plays these files on my old system without lagging.
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Post by AkumaX » Apr 27th, '10, 02:56

my personal favorite is the K-Lite Mega Codec (be sure to uninstall everything else first), and use media player classic - home cinema (MPC-HC)

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Post by raider73 » Apr 29th, '10, 00:43

If your PC can't handle 720p videos, give the Divx h264 codec or the CoreAVC codec a try. These 2 codecs are the best in terms of low cpu usage for decoding h264 videos. The Divx codec is free while the CoreAVC codec is $14.99, IRCC.

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