RSS/torcache question

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RSS/torcache question

Post by emci13 » Apr 10th, '10, 15:00


I'm using the RSS feed with uTorrent in order to automatically grab files. The feed itself seems to be working fine, but it does not download anything. I tried to open the link to the file manually to see what was going on, and it sent me to a 404 page on Torcache like saying the torrent file was not uploaded there.

I think that the RSS feed is a great thing, but is this an error in the RSS feed or on the Torcache side?

For example, this is one URL that sent me to the 404 page:

If this is a problem, would it be possible to change the primary RSS feed links to one of the mirrors? Alternatively, is this an error on my end? If so, can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong? I used the old RSS feed without a hitch in the past...

Thank you very much!

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Post by Confusion » Apr 25th, '10, 17:34

I am getting the same issue. The feed itself is updating but the links within the feed are broken.
They all report the 404 link broken message.

None of the links will download

I am not having issues with other RSS feeds

If you go to the RSS feed through your your web browser the main links all report a 404 error. IF you click on the 2 alternative feeds torrage & zoink then they link to the torrents fine.

But because the RSS feed runs of the main link it cant use those. Can we get the main link changed from torrcache to torrage or zoink?

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Post by emci13 » May 15th, '10, 03:28

I was wondering if anyone found a solution to this problem? Just seems a shame that the RSS feed functions well but essentially has no real functionality...Or maybe there is a solution that I am not aware of?

Thanks! :D

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Post by psiclopz » May 22nd, '10, 07:46

I have the same issue.

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Post by Syntoad » May 24th, '10, 14:05

It's a problem on the server where the rss is generated.
Until it's fixed I have made a modified rss feed, (should update very often) which can be accessed here: ... render=rss

All it does is replace 'torcache' with 'torrage' In the feed, this should work as a temporary solution until the site is fixed.

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Post by *Kay* » Jul 22nd, '10, 14:10

I'm having the same problem... I hope it gets fixed soon...


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