Help on Boys over flower english subs by [iwth-s2]

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Help on Boys over flower english subs by [iwth-s2]

Post by yourgirl » Jan 31st, '10, 04:00

Hi guys!.. thanks for the subtitles..

But it seems, i'm encountering some problems regarding the subtitles i downloaded [with-s2]
Here it goes:
I've already downloaded all the episodes of Boys Over Flowers by Ental (25 episodes).
I also downloaded 1 subtitle (episode 1 by ental, for testing purposes) but it doesn't sync with the episode 1 video.

Here's an example:
Video: Boys.Over.Flowers.KOR.E01.090105.HDTV.XviD-Ental.avi
Subtitle: Boys.Over.Flowers.E01.KOR.090105.HDTV.XviD-Ental-[WITH S2].srt

What i did is i change the file name of the subtitle into the file name of the video for it to work. The video is running smooth if there is no subtitle. But if there is, it starts to slow down/lag a little bit tending not to sync with the subtitle. I don't know what's the problem, (maybe the video and subtitle is different?) and besides, both video and subtitle is from ental.

Any solutions for this? I would highly appreciate it. Thanks

More power to with-s2! :D

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Post by SusieQ » Jan 31st, '10, 05:07

You might want to contact WithS2 DIRECTLY, via their website, rather than posting here.

But here we go.

First of all, did you keep the .srt file extension on the subtitles? That's necessary.

Second of all, you've stated nothing about your video player and codecs. I suggest switching the latest version of the Combined Community Codec Pack and using the bundled Media Player Classic as your player.

Finally, you're assuming the problem must lie with the files. Have you considered that the problem lies with you and your computer? Make sure you don't have any programs running in the background (virus scanners, iTunes, for example) that might be eating your system's resources and causing the lag.

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