Dowload link dead

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Dowload link dead

Post by chikern » Sep 9th, '09, 21:40

The download link for torrent seems dead. Anyone encounter this too??

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Post by awiz » Sep 9th, '09, 21:57

Had the same problem. Finally was able to get the torrent from
loaded it into utorrent and although it said the D-Addicts tracker was unavailable, it still downloaded fine.

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Post by sre » Sep 9th, '09, 22:48

yes all the links are dead,,
i wonder why,,

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Post by mizune » Sep 9th, '09, 23:17

We are obviously having some problems with the tracker (probably needs to be rebooted).
Until the problem is addressed, please be patient and bear with us.

Other topics already open addressing this issue:
Read the D-Addicts FAQ before asking questions.
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