Probs with high-res - MR.BRAIN EP01 (1440x1080i x264).mp4

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Probs with high-res - MR.BRAIN EP01 (1440x1080i x264).mp4

Post by rahula » Jun 16th, '09, 12:12


I've always used matroska/cccp in widows media player classic to watch the videos..
this one, MR.BRAIN EP01 (1440x1080i x264).mp4, due to its high-res, I guess... it simply doesn't open.

I tried also on a nero video player and windows media player...

anyone who could help me out here?

Do I need a specific codec for this video? I've got a core 2 duo with Geforce 512mb off board

Thanks in advance

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Post by ssih » Jun 16th, '09, 20:27

Do you find the 1280x720 version unacceptable?

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Post by ethidda » Jun 16th, '09, 21:22

You need x264 codec for it, as it says in the file name. You may need to update your CCCP. Or consider switching the to Mega K-Lite pack instead, which includes both the x264 codec and real-alternative for playing realmedia files in whichever player you want. You can find the Mega K-Lite codec pack here: ... c_pack.htm

Of course, if you do choose to switch, remember to completely remove CCCP before installing klite.

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Post by Orbity » Jun 16th, '09, 22:05

VLC Media Player
Media Player Classic

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Post by Aquariia » Jun 16th, '09, 22:06

Try instal VLC Player. I have some problems with other players but everything work on this player on my comuputer.

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Post by eye » Jun 17th, '09, 08:32

ethidda wrote:You need x264 codec for it

x264 is an encoder only. Decoding is done by ffdshow.

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Post by rahula » Jun 19th, '09, 14:19

hm... I guess it's just due to my VGA card...

I tried to update my drivers and it worked... I took the video to my office computer which VGA is on board and it didn't open too...

So, I guess its high-res in only for at least an off board vga card.

Btw, it worked on windows media player classic decoded by ffdshow just like always

Thanks a lot, ppl!

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